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Cover blown
Allison Argent
ActorCrystal Reed
StatusHunter (Deceased)
First AppearanceWolf Moon
Last AppearanceInsatiable

Allison Argent was the daughter of hunters Chris and Victoria Argent and a main character on MTV’s Teen Wolf.


Allison was an accomplished archer and gymnast.

Her family life was difficult. Her mother was given to fits of rage. Her father was over-protective while Allison had a bit of a rebellious streak.

She was friends with Lydia Martin, Jackson Whittemore and Stiles Stilinski. She was romantically involved with Scott McCall and Isaac Lahey.

Allison died in Scott's arms after trying to save Lydia from a demon.

Season 1

Allison moves to Beacon Hills and starts dating a boy who turns out to be a werewolf. (read more...)

Season 2

Allison falls under the influence of her psychotic grandfather after her mother commits suicide. (read more...)

Season 3

Allison helps track down the Alpha Pack and secretly aids Scott and Stiles in their efforts to protect Derek.

She begins a relationship with Isaac and gives her life trying to rescue Lydia from a Nogitsune. (read more...)

The Name

The name Argent is an evolved version of the Latin term argentum which means “silver”. Argent also means silver in French.

Within Teen Wolf, the legend that "silver kills werewolves" refers to the family called "Silver" not the metal.



  • Maybe you should stop pretending to suck just for his benefit.” — Allison to Lydia in Pack Mentality
  • Don’t frown, Lydia. Someone could be falling in love with your smile.” — Allison to Lydia in Formality
  • Smile, Allison. Someone could be falling in love with you.” — Allison to herself in Formality
  • Remember what it feels like. All of those times in school when you see him standing down the hall and you cannot breathe until you're with him. Or those times in class when you-you can't stop looking at the clock because you know that he's standing right out there waiting for you. Don't you remember what that's like?” — Allison to Lydia about Scott in Frenemy
  • If they try to help him we kill them, all of them.” — Allison to her dad in Fury
  • Because I love you.” — Allison to Scott in Code Breaker
  • I thought you were psychic, bitch.” — Allison to Erica in Venomous
  • Well police officers call it stalking.” — Allison to Matt in Party Guessed


Teen Wolf Meet Allison (Series Monday's 10 9c MTV)01:30

Teen Wolf Meet Allison (Series Monday's 10 9c MTV)

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