Angela L. Harvey is an American Television Writer and Executive Story Editor. She worked on the MTV series, Teen Wolf since the very beginning. She left the series in 2017 to work on the CBS show Salvation which will premiere this summer.


Harvey started in the entertainment business by making a short film in 2007 which landed her a scholarship to the Vancouver Film School. After a year, she moved back to Atlanta and began picking up jobs on various film sets in the city.

She ended up working as an assistant to Producer Joe Genier who, at the time, was working with Tyler Perry on For Colored Girls and Madea's Big Happy Family.

Teen WolfEdit

Around the same time, 2009, Genier began working with Jeff Davis, René Echevarria, and Marty Adelstein on Teen Wolf. Harvey came to the show as Genier's assistant but had her eye on the Writers' Room as she explained to Teen Wolf News in 2016.

“You just kind of rise through the ranks the longer you’re on a show. If you’re lucky you get on a show that actually lasts and you have the opportunity to stick around a rise up the ranks. It’s physically and logistically a tough show to be on. I think Jeff (Davis) and Joe (Genier) recognize that and when people are dedicated and talented, they want to help them and pay them back in some way.”

After Season 1, Harvey took on the job of Writers Assistant. She also tackled a non-canonical Teen Wolf project for MTV in Season 2. Harvey wrote all content for the "choose your own adventure" multi-media game Teen Wolf: The Hunt. TW:TH won a "Webby" Award in the Entertainment Category in 2013.

In Season 3, Harvey became a Staff Writer and received her first "written by" credit on the show with the episode Frayed. She followed up with two episodes in Season 4I.E.D., and Time of Death. In Season 5, she penned A Novel Approach, Strange Frequencies and The Sword and the Spirit and elevated to Story Editor then Executive Story Editor. In Season 6 she penned Ghosted and After Images.