Ashton Moio is an actor and stuntman who portrayed Donovan in Season 5 on MTV's Teen Wolf.

Career Edit

Moio's first acting role was in a TV series called Over There. This lead to having guest roles on shows like Everybody Hates Chris, Zoey 101, Dexter, NCIS, No Orindary Family, iCarly, Recovery Road and Murder In The First.

His most famous role to date is Rico from the ABC Family mystery thriller, Twisted. He even narrated a special related to the show called Twisted: Socio Studies 101.

His first film role came from the 2006 film, Zoom as a minor character and where he worked a stunt double. This lead to roles in films like Dope, Insidious: Chapter 3, Division 19 and The Hunger Games where he played the District 6 tribute. He also will star in the 2016 film, Your Own Road.

Aside from acting, Moio has also done stunt work. His first credit for stunts was for the documentary, Behind the Action: Stuntmen in the Movies. Since then, he has done stunt work in The Longest Yard, Red Riding Hood, Project X, The Hunger Games, Video Game High School, The Purge and was the stunt double for David Dorfman in The Ring Two.

His latest stunt work was in the 2016 film, They Call Me Superseven.

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