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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 1 Beacon Hills Street Night

Beacon Hills, California Teen Wolf Location

The town of Beacon Hills, California is the main setting for MTV's Teen Wolf.

The fictitious town is within an equally fictitious Beacon County, California, where most of the series' action takes place.

It seems to reside in a valley area of the hills with suburban homes, high rise urban areas and wilderness areas.

It is home to Scott McCall and his friends.

Demographics Edit

According to Sheriff Stilinski, Beacon Hills population is nearly 30,000 while Beacon County is home to nearly 500,000.

Supernatural Beacon Edit

In the Season 3 episode Currents, we learn Beacon Hills is actually a "beacon" calling out to supernatural people and creatures. Telluric currents running under the town focus energy on a sacred druid space know as the Nemeton.

Real World Equivalent Edit

In the real world, according to its 95921 zip code, Beacon Hills would occupy the same location as Inskip, California.

The phone number on the missing person posters lists a 925 area code. That would be Alameda or Contra Costa Counties near San Francisco, California.

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