Beacon Hills Preserve is a forest area outside of Beacon Hills where Scott McCall and his pack often meet for plans or fight enemies.

It house many animals like deer, mountain lions and various birds.

Season 1Edit

Scott and Stiles Stilinski go through the preserve to find a dead body. Later, Scott is attacked and bitten by an Alpha Werewolf here before heading home. (Wolf Moon)

Scott and Allison Argent play hooky from school and spend the day in the woods for her birthday. (The Tell)

Allison and Lydia Martin walk through the preserve so Allison can practice her archery skills. (Co-Captain)

Season 2Edit

Scott and Allison meet here to continue their relationship in secret. (Shape Shifted, Abomination)

After Jackson Whittemore is revealed to be the Kanima, Stiles locks him in a prison transport and takes him to the preserve where he, Scott, and Allison take turns watching him. (Frenemy)

Season 3Edit

Scott and friends search the preserve for Boyd and Cora Hale during a full moon after they had been unexposed to the full moon for three months. They save two kids and a camper during this ordeal. (Fireflies)

The track team practices here and Isaac Lahey is attacked by Ethan and Aiden until he's rescued by Scott. Between a fight can begin, the four discover a another sacrificed body. (Unleashed)

The Nemeton, a beacon for supernatural creatures and a sacred Druid place, is revealed to be here and where Jennifer gets her power. (Visionary, Lunar Ellipse)

Void Stiles sets a trap her while the track team practices once more and Coach Finstock is shot with an arrow. (Letharia Vulpina)

Season 4Edit

Malia Tate and Derek Hale go to Lookout Point, the Eastern part of the preserve to search for Satomi Ito's pack only to find the majority of them dead. Liam Dunbar is also trapped in a well by Garrett until he's rescued by Scott. (Orphaned)

Season 5Edit

Scott's pack search the preserve for Liam and Hayden after they are captured by the Dread Doctors. (Ouroboros)

Lydia, Stiles, and later Jordan Parrish go to the preserve to find the Nemeton. (Lies of Omission)

The preserve is revealed to house the lair of the Dread Doctors due to it being on the convergence of telluric currents. (The Beast of Beacon Hills)

Season 6Edit

Scott takes Malia and Lydia out into the preserve as he recaps the night he was bitten by The Alpha. (Superposition)


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