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Bobby Finstock
ActorOrny Adams
StatusLacrosse Coach/Economics Teacher
First AppearanceWolf Moon
Last AppearanceSmoke & Mirrors

Coach Bobby Finstock is a recurring character on MTV’s Teen Wolf. He is portrayed by Orny Adams.

Bobby is a teacher of Economics and Physical Education at Beacon Hills High School.

He is also the coach of the school’s lacrosse team, the BHHS Cyclones.

He is one of the only characters on the show that was also in the Teen Wolf Movie.


Coach Bobby is eccentric in behavior and appearance. His hair is usually unkempt and his office, glimpsed in The Tell, seems much disorganized.

He seems to care more about the success of students on the field than in the classroom offering good grades for his players in exchange for various tasks.

Finstock is a recovering alcoholic with 15 years sobriety.

Greenberg Edit

An unseen student and member of the lacrosse team named "Greenberg" is often the focus of Coach Finstock's ire.

In all Seasons to date he's kept up a running verbal assault of Greenberg often blaming him for the team's failings and mocking his skills in the classroom.

Season 1Edit

Coach Finstock is the first to notice Scott’s improvement on the lacrosse field. Promoting him to first line and eventually making him Co-Captain of the team.

He is often used for comic relief such as the parent teacher conference in which he told Sheriff Stilinski that his son’s first name amounted to child abuse.

Season 2Edit

The Coach offers 'A' grades to any of his players who can help find Lydia in the woods. He relates a comic story of losing a testicle to hypothermia. (read more…)

He pulls Boyd out of the crowd to play lacrosse after an opposing player disables most of the Cyclone’s front line. (read more…)

He witnesses Lydia’s breakdown in his class as she writes “Someone Help Me” backwards on the chalkboard several times while hallucinating. He exposes Danny's shredded equipment. (read more…)

For the championship lacrosse game he gives the same speech heard from Independence Day. During the game as players begin to drop like flies, he's forced to send in Scott even though he's on academic probation. (read more...)

Despite his loud and eccentric behavior, he's shown to be concerned about some of his players. He especially shows his concern for Scott and his grades and hopes it wasn't because of him. (read more...)

Season 3Edit

During a lesson on the "Risk and Reward" principal of economics, Finstock is surprised by Scott's new found knowledge. Coach demonstrates the well known college drinking game "quarters". (read more...)

When Finstock isn't coaching lacrosse, he coaches the Cross Country team. He later helps the sheriff clear away bystanders after a body was found near the school. (read more...)

Finstock takes the Cross Country team for a meet while Scott and friends recover from their recent attack on the The Alpha Pack. (read more...)

When the meet is postponed until the following day, Coach takes the team to the Motel Glen Capri for the night. In the morning he announces that the meet has been cancelled. Finstock's whistle is found to be laced with wolfsbane so that each time he blew it on the bus everyone was dosed with the poison. (read more...)

Finstock is attempting to teach the difference between Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Gross National Product (GNP) when Stiles slips into a waking nightmare. Finstock blows his whistle which snaps him out of it. (read more...)

Coach Finstock falls victim to Halloween pranks from Scott and Stiles. (read more...)

He reminds everyone at the school that there is a curfew using a bullhorn. (read more...)

Finstock walks into a trip wire and is shot with an arrow. (Read more...)

He later helps Scott's friends get an Eichen House escapee (Meredith) away from Brunski whom he seems to have a past with. (read more...)

He shows a new student around the school, telling her about how she'll adjust pretty quick. (read more...)

Season 4Edit

As the lacrosse season resumes, he supervises tryouts and finds interest in Liam and even Kira who technically didn't tryout. (read more...)

During the first scrimmage, Coach refuses to sit out Liam at Scott's request. He benches Kira for failing to pass even though she scored a goal. (read more...)

He instructs his players to find Garrett after it's discovered he's a killer. Later he is in his office feeling sick. (read more...)

He is the first to be infected by the weaponized virus via an inkpad. He fully recovers. (read more...)

He warns his players about responsible drinking at the annual bonfire. (read more...)

He gives Malia a test back with an "F" on it. (read more...)

Scott, Liam and Stiles try to explain to him why they missed practice. (read more...)

Gallery Edit

Quotes Edit

  • Greenberg, take a lap. Let’s go. Faster, Greenberg! Let’s go.” — Coach Finstock at Lacrosse practice in Second Chance at First Line
  • Let’s start with a quick summary of last night’s reading. Greenberg, put your hand down. Everybody knows you did the reading.” — Coach Finstock in Economics Class in Heart Monitor
  • Due to the recent pinkeye epidemic, thank you, Greenberg, the following people have made first line on a probationary basis, emphasis on the word ‘probationary’.” — Coach Finstock in the locker room in Lunatic
  • What are you looking at, Greenberg?” — Coach Finstock at the Prom in Formality
  • Bilinski! Shut up!” — Coach Finstock to Stiles in Lunatic
  • I told them I'd sooner cut off my last remaining testicle than cut my best player!” — Coach Finstock to Scott in Formality
  • Do you think you can move faster than the lifeless corpse of my dead grandmother?!” — Coach Finstock to Scott in Second Chance at First Line
  • Well Greenberg sucks and you suck.... slightly less.” — Coach Finstock to Stiles in Battlefield
  • Jared, I'm warning you. I'm an empathetic vommitter. You throw up, I'm gonna throw up right back on you and it will be profoundly disgusting.” — Coach Finstock on the bus to a cross country meet in Frayed
  • Jared, you suck! Hey, somebody grab some towels or a mop. Or a new bus.” — Coach Finstock after Jared throws up on the bus in Frayed

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