Brett Talbot is a born werewolf and a member of Satomi Ito's pack.

He is also a player on the Devenford Prep lacrosse team and was targeted on The Dead Pool with a price of $1 million.

He is a former teammate of Liam's and harbored a grudge against him for destroying their coaches car until Liam helped save his life from The Benefactor's assassins. Since then, he has offered help to Scott McCall when needed.

Brett is played by actor Cody Saintgnue.

Season 4Edit

While playing against Beacon Hills High School in a scrimmage, he is paralyzed by Garrett and nearly killed by Violet. (Read More...)

He is saved from Wolfsbane poisoning by Dr. Deaton and, while unconscious, reveals he is part of Satomi's pack. (Read More...)

After Brett and his sister, Lori, are attacked by rogue hunters, he and the remaining members of Satomi's pack are protected by Scott, Kira Yukimura, Derek Hale, Chris Argent, and Braeden. He takes part in the battle with the final assassins. (Read More...)

Brett later tries help Liam get over his trauma at a lacrosse game and explains how lucky Liam is to have a True Alpha like Scott. (Read More...)

Season 5Edit

Liam seeks him out to see if a girl named Tracy was apart of his pack. He say no, but he assists in finding out where she might have been during her night terror. (Read More...)

Brett helps Liam and Mason fight off a Scorpion-Werewolf hybrid inside a nightclub called Sinema. (Read More...)

Brett and Mason discuss how to spot a chimera and what happened to Liam and Hayden in the 6th grade. (Read More...)

When Devenford Prep plays against Beacon Hills in a charity lacrosse game, he offers his services to Scott's pack in any way he can. (Read More...)


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