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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 1 Tattoo JR Bourne Chris Argent
Chris Argent
ActorJR Bourne
StatusFormer Hunter/Allison's Dad
First AppearanceWolf Moon
Last AppearanceThe Sword and the Spirit

Chris Argent is one of the main characters in Teen Wolf and is played by JR Bourne.

With the exception of his father, Gerard, Chris' entire family died.

Much of the Argent family history remains a mystery but we know they've been hunting werewolves for several generations, perhaps as long as 200 years

Despite acts of intimidation with Derek Hale and violence against Scott McCall, Chris has not actually killed a werewolf on the show.

Season 1

The character is first introduced when he shoots Scott in the arm in the woods. (Read More...)

He accidentally hits Scott with his car and is amazed that the boy is unscathed by the incident. (Read More...)

He taunts Derek at a gas station and has one of the other hunters smash the window on Derek's car. (Read More...)

His sister, Kate Argent, comes to town. He catches Allison and Scott together and he relates to Scott the story of having to put down a rabid dog. (Read More...)

Chris and Victoria attend Parent Night at Beacon Hills High School. He confronts Melissa McCall after learning that Scott and Allison have cut classes together. He then kills a mountain lion that wanders into the school parking area. (Read More...)

He and Kate discuss the events at the school and later discuss who the second beta werewolf could be. (Read More...)

He and the other hunters began gunning for Derek after Scott blames him for all the recent animal attacks and the events in Night School. (Read More...)

He bugs Jackson's car to make it stop in an attempt to interrogate him only to be interrupted by Scott and Stiles. (Read More...)

He finds out Scott is a Beta Werewolf from Jackson. At the school dance, Chris almost runs over Scott who jumps on the hood, transforms and exposes his werewolf nature to Allison. (Read More...)

After learning that his sister Kate has broken the Hunter's Code against killing innocents by burning down the Hale House, he confronts her to keep her from killing Scott. After Kate's death, he sets up the crime scene and plants the pendant that Kate gave to Allison (See Magic Bullet) on her body so the police will connect her to the Hale Arson Conspiracy. (Read More...)

Season 2

At the beginning of season 2, Chris forbids Scott and Allison from seeing each other again. Later when Gerard kills an omega werewolf in violation of the hunters’ code, Chris objects. (Read More...)

He assists his wife with the kidnap and torture of the school's principal and later questions Gerard on the fate of Isaac Lahey, a recently bit werewolf. (Read More...)

He begins training Allison by having her kidnapped and tied to a chair at the Hale House. Later, he confronts Dr. Deaton about the death of one of the hunters. He believes the vet may know about the lizard creature and demands answers. (Read More...)

He returns to the clinic with Gerard and backup to get Deaton to reveal what creature they are dealing with. (Read More...)

He fires multiple rounds into the kanima and believes it to be dead but the creature revives and attacks him. He questions Gerard and learns the old man knows more about the creature than he is telling. (Read More...)

He shows Allison the bodies of the latest kanima victims and explains that, because they know about the creatures it is their job to protect the humans who don't. Chris and Gerard, with Allison's help, lay a trap for Jackson. Instead they have a run in with Derek and Boyd. Chris then learns his wife has been bitten by a werewolf. (Read More...)

Chris must help his wife kill herself to avoid turning into a werewolf and comfort Allison after yet another family tragedy. (Read More...)

He along with Gerard and Allison lead an assault on the police station where Matt is holding people hostage. When Allison is paralyzed by Jackson he takes her out of the line of fire. (Read More...)

When Allison leads a chase to catch Erica and Boyd and nearly kills them he berates her. They argue until Allison calls Gerard to tell him they caught them. He's stumped when she calls Gerard "Grandpa". (Read More...)

After watching Allison become more and more like his sister Kate, Chris sides with the wolves against his father. He lowers the electricity current on Erica and Boyd so they can escape. Later he helps bring Jackson's corpse to Derek. He attempts to shoot the Kanima but is disarmed and thrown aside easily. (Read More...)

Season 3

After the events of Season 2 Chris says he's given up being a hunter. He and Allison have made an agreement to remain in Beacon Hills but to stay out of the supernatural goings on there. (Read More...)

Scott goes to him for help to catch Boyd and Cora. Chris refuses stating that Scott's world destroyed his family. He reluctantly agrees to help after seeing the grieving parents of the boy whose body was found at the pool. He explains why werewolves enjoy killing and helps lead Boyd and Cora and trap them inside the school. (Read More...)

Chris continues to try and keep out of the werewolf affairs but Allison insists that they should because her friends are all she has left since most of her family is dead. (Read More...)

He enters the abandoned mall to piece together what happened during the werewolf battle. He calls Allison and learns she is staying at the Motel Glen Capri. Later he relates the story of his uncle Alexander Argent's suicide to Gerard and asks which Alpha bit him. (Read More...)

Chris is also investigating the murders and has mapped the locations of the kidnappings and where the bodies were found as well as The Alpha Pack's activities. He later goes back to Gerard demanding to know all the details of Deucalion's involvement with their family. (Read More...)

According to Gerard's story, Chris was among the hunters who hunted Ennis' Beta. Sometime later, he explained the five-fold knot Druid symbol to his father. (Read More...)

After tracking the Darach's murders for two months, Chris has enough information to predict where it will be. He arrives in time to stop a sacrifice, save the victim and take down the Darach but Allison and Isaac get in the way. (Read More...)

Chris helps in getting Cora out of the hospital safely. After Allison lures Kali and the Twins outside, Chris fires a few rounds at them, but the Alphas quickly scatter. (Read More...)

Chris pretends to gear up to go after Jennifer with Allison and Isaac. Instead he allows himself to be taken. He ends up in the Nemeton with Melissa McCall and Sheriff Stilinski. (Read More...)

After setting off a smaller version of an ultrasonic emitter, he and all the other captives are rescued. Later, he and Allison decide to use their hunting skills to protect those who cannot protect themselves from the supernatural. (Read More...)

Chris walks in on Isaac and Allison about to share an intimate moment and is angry that daughter was about to do it with "another werewolf." (Read More...)

Chris believes the Demon Warriors are after him. He is later seen limping into his apartment and collapses on the floor, bloody and injured. (Read More...)

Chris tells a story of when he was younger and then goes to seek information from a Yakuza Warrior called Silverfinger, a man whose life he saved when they were younger. (Read More...)

He and Derek are brought into questioning about the murder of Silverfinger. When a bomb goes off in the police station, he is shocked that Derek actually saved his life. (Read More...)

He is visited in jail by Araya, from More Bad Than Good, who is there to discuss Chris' abandonment of the Hunter's Code. (Read More...)

Chris is released from jail after the murder charges are dropped. He agrees to help the sheriff look for Stiles. (Read More...)

Chris confronts Stiles and the Oni. (Read More...)

He prepares Allison's "graduation" of forging a silver bullet to symbolize her completed training. He is last seen in shock when he discovers his daughter dead in Scott's arms. (Read More...)

After the battle with the Nogitsune, Chris and Isaac leave Beacon Hills to help each other cope with Allison's death. (Read More...)

Season 4

Having received a text from Scott, Chris returns to Beacon Hills to help corral Liam. (Read More...)

Chris visits the Hale Vault with Derek to gather clues about Kate. He is confronted by Araya Calavera who wants him to help them hunt Kate. (Read More...)

He helps Deaton save Scott's life and later accompanies him to Kate's hideout in the old "Argent Arms International" warehouse. (Read More...)

He helps with the plan to "kill" Scott to flush out the Benefactor. He fights Kate when she comes to steal the body. (Read More...)

He finds a rare Yellow Wolfsbane plant and secrets it away at the Argent Arms International building. He helps Scott protect Satomi's pack from assassins.(Read More...)

He tracks Kate and Peter to the sewers where Peter and a berserker trap him by stabbing him with a metal rod and later Deputy Parrish comes and rescues him by reminding him what Allison would do in his situation. (Read More...)

He shoots Kate with a bullet laced with the Yellow Wolfsbane and argues with her over why Allison died. Later, he leaves the Calaveras to hunt Kate in exchange for them leaving Scott and his friends alone. (Read More...)

Season 5

Chris returns to Beacon Hills after a call from Scott. He lays down cover fire allowing Scott and Malia to escape the Dread Doctors. (Read More...)

He fetches yellow wolfsbane from his safe and uses it to heal Gerard. (Read More...)

He and his father search for The Beast in the tunnels. Later he has to explain Gerard's presence to Scott after the two meet again. (Read More...)



  • Put the gun down. Before I put you down.” — Chris to Kate Argent in Code Breaker
  • Hockey on grass is called field hockey.” — Chris to Scott in Magic Bullet.
  • Didn't anyone ever tell you not to bring claws to a gun fight?” — Chris to Derek in Raving
  • Can I talk to you? In my office, where I keep my guns?” — Chris to Allison in Galvanize

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