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The character is first introduced when he shoots Scott McCall in the arm in the woods. (Read More...)

He accidentally hits Scott with his car and is amazed that the boy is unscathed by the incident. (Read More...)

He taunts Derek Hale at a gas station and has one of the other Hunters smash the window on Derek's car. (Read More...)

His sister, Kate Argent, comes to town. He catches Allison and Scott together and he relates to Scott the story of having to put down a rabid dog. (Read More...)

Chris and Victoria attend Parent Night at Beacon Hills High School. He confronts Melissa McCall after learning that Scott and Allison have cut classes together. He then kills a mountain lion that wanders into the school parking area. (Read More...)

He and Kate discuss the events at the school and later discuss who the second beta werewolf could be. (Read More...)

He and the other hunters began gunning for Derek after Scott blames him for all the recent animal attacks and the events in Night School. (Read More...)

He bugs Jackson Whittemore's car to make it stop in an attempt to interrogate him only to be interrupted by Scott and Stiles. (Read More...)

He finds out Scott is a Beta Werewolf from Jackson. At the school dance, Chris almost runs over Scott who jumps on the hood, transforms and exposes his werewolf nature to Allison. (Read More...)

After learning that his sister Kate has broken the Hunter's Code against killing innocents by burning down the Hale House, he confronts her to keep her from killing Scott. After Kate's death, he sets up the crime scene and plants the pendant that Kate gave to Allison (See Magic Bullet) on her body so the police will connect her to the Hale Arson Conspiracy. (Read More...)

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