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At the beginning of season 2, Chris forbids Scott McCall and Allison from seeing each other again. Later when Gerard kills an omega werewolf in violation of the hunters’ code, Chris objects. (Read More...)

He assists his wife with the kidnap and torture of the school's principal and later questions Gerard on the fate of Isaac Lahey, a recently bit werewolf. (Read More...)

He begins training Allison by having her kidnapped and tied to a chair at the Hale House. Later, he confronts Dr. Deaton about the death of one of the hunters. He believes the vet may know about the lizard creature and demands answers. (Read More...)

He returns to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic with Gerard and backup to get Dr. Deaton to reveal what creature they are dealing with. (Read More...)

He fires multiple rounds into the Kanima and believes it to be dead but the creature revives and attacks him. He questions Gerard and learns the old man knows more about the creature than he is telling. (Read More...)

He shows Allison the bodies of the latest kanima victims and explains that, because they know about the creatures it is their job to protect the humans who don't. Chris and Gerard, with Allison's help, lay a trap for Jackson Whittemore. Instead they have a run in with Derek Hale and Boyd. Chris then learns Victoria has been bitten by a Werewolf. (Read More...)

Chris must help his wife kill herself to avoid turning into a werewolf and comfort Allison after yet another family tragedy. (Read More...)

He along with Gerard and Allison lead an assault on the police station where Matt is holding people hostage. When Allison is paralyzed by Jackson]] he takes her out of the line of fire. (Read More...)

When Chris and Allison lead a chase to catch Erica and Boyd and she nearly kills them, he berates her. They argue until Allison calls Gerard to tell him they caught them. He's stumped when she calls Gerard "Grandpa". (Read More...)

After watching Allison become more and more like his sister, Chris sides with the wolves against his father. He lowers the electricity current on Erica and Boyd so they can escape. Later, he helps bring Jackson's corpse to Derek. He attempts to shoot the Kanima but is disarmed and thrown aside easily. (Read More...)

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