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Having received a text from Scott McCall, Chris returns to Beacon Hills to help corral Liam Dunbar. (Read More...)

Chris visits the Hale Vault with Derek Hale to gather clues about Kate Argent. He is confronted by Araya Calavera who wants him to help them hunt Kate. (Read More...)

He helps Dr. Deaton save Scott's life and later accompanies him to Kate's hideout in the old "Argent Arms International" warehouse. (Read More...)

He helps with the plan to "kill" Scott to flush out The Benefactor. He fights Kate when she comes to steal the body. (Read More...)

He finds a rare Yellow Wolfsbane plant and secrets it away at the Argent Arms International building. He helps Scott protect Satomi's pack from assassins.(Read More...)

He tracks Kate and Peter Hale to the sewers where Peter and a berserker trap him by stabbing him with a metal rod and later Deputy Parrish comes and rescues him by reminding him what Allison would do in his situation. (Read More...)

He shoots Kate with a bullet laced with the Yellow Wolfsbane and argues with her over why Allison died. Later, he leaves the Calaveras to hunt Kate in exchange for them leaving Scott and his friends alone. (Read More...)

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