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Chris returns to Beacon Hills after a call from Scott McCall. He lays down cover fire allowing Scott and Malia Tate to escape the Dread Doctors. (Read More...)

He fetches yellow wolfsbane from his safe and uses it to heal Gerard. (Read More...)

He and his father search for The Beast in the tunnels. Later he has to explain Gerard's presence to Scott after the two meet again. (Read More...)

He watches over Jordan Parrish at the deputy's request to see where he was going that night. (Read More...)

He warns Lydia Martin against looking for Parrish because he's dangerous and a shapeshifter that has a fairly small grasp of his abilities. (Read More...)

Chris and Gerard enter the library, he wants to tell Scott "the rest" but Gerard says they don't have to. Chris shows up just in time to fire several rounds into La Bete. (Read More...)

He helps Parrish as he attempts to take down Sebastien. When Parrish tries to leave, Chris convinces him to stay because its his duty to stop the beast. He lowers his gun and tells Parrish that the fresco didn't depict him, a guy a with a gun as the one to stop the beast, it showed a Hellhound. (Read More...)

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