Condition Terminal is the 4th episode of Teen Wolf Season 5.


Stiles tracks a fugitive; and Liam plays wingman for Mason at a nightclub.

Full Recap

Parrish lies on his couch flipping a playing card. It features the queen of diamonds and the queen looks like Lydia.

On the counter in his living room, there are coils of wire and what appears to be a jar full of electrical switches.

He remembers when he and Lydia were exploring his supernatural nature. He asks if Lydia is going to do a magic trick. She says he is but he says he only knows one and it is done with a playing card.

Lydia plans to burn his hand with disposable butane lighter. She reminds him that he walked away from being set on fire in a car (See Perishable) but he says he had to pay for the uniform.

Parrish remembers the lighter trick from the movie, Lawrence of Arabia. Lydia says the trick in that film was “not minding.” The first time the fire hurts and he pulls away. Lydia tells him not think about the fire or pain and tries it again. The flame is on so long the lighter heats up to the point that it burns Lydia’s thumb.

Parrish’s skin is blackened but he rubs away the soot and his hand is unharmed.

Lydia asks what Parrish was thinking about while he was looking at her. He relates a recurring dream he’s been having for 6 months in which he is walking in the woods carrying a badly burned body toward a giant stump. Lydia recognizes that it’s the Nemeton and explains that the druid power center is probably what drew Parrish to town in the first place. She calls it a “Beacon for supernatural creatures” and says “It might even make them more powerful.”

Lydia presses for more details of the dream but Parrish says he doesn’t remember anything after laying the body down on the rings of the tree.

Back on his sofa, he does the one trick he knows. He flips the queen of diamonds and a black burned smudge appears on her face. He flips the card again and the smudge disappears. He slides the card to the side revealing two cards, one with the smudge and one without.

He remembers the rest of the dream. He and the Nemeton are on fire and there are burning bodies piled up all around the stump.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The queen of diamonds playing card and Parrish’s “dream” are reminiscent of the film The Manchurian Candidate which featured a man under hypnosis who could be controlled whenever he saw the queen of diamonds.

Kanima Fight

In the final moments of Dreamcatcher, Donovan is still in his cell at the Beacon Hills Sheriff Station. He can hear the growls from the fight in the basement and screams for someone to let him out.

The Dread Doctors enter. One of them waves a hand in front of the electronic key card reader and the cell door unlocks and rolls back. Donovan backs away into the cell.

Scott, Stiles, Theo and Dr. Deaton arrive at the Sheriff’s Office. Scott rushes to help Sheriff Stilinski. Stiles spots Lydia with Kira applying pressure to her wound. He stands in the doorway and hesitates. Theo whips off his belt, shoves Stiles out of the way and applies a tourniquet to Lydia’s wound.

Deaton finds Tracy’s tail, shows it to Scott and covers it with his coat.

Natalie Martin comes up from the basement, sees Lydia and freaks out.

Scott follows the blood trail out of the main office and calls for Stiles to come with him. Theo says Lydia is alright. Lydia says Stiles should go help Tracy. He obviously doesn’t want to leave her but, at her insistence and his father’s urging, he goes to help Scott anyway. Deaton follows them down.

They find Malia standing over Tracy’s lifeless body. Her first instinct is to deny responsibility for the other girl’s death. She explains that “There were these people. They had masks.” She explains that they were strong and had a weapon and repeats that she is not responsible.

Deaton points out that Tracy is not reverting to human form meaning her nature would be obvious to anyone examining the body. Sheriff Stilinski refuses to allow them to take her. He says they can’t tamper with the crime scene. Deaton points out that the alternative is to call a press conference and explain about the supernatural creatures living in the town. The sheriff is obviously uncomfortable but acquiesces.

Dentistry with the Dreads

In the lair of the Dread Doctors, Donovan is strapped down to an examine table.  They take turns examining his head and his mouth. The Surgeon says “His condition looks promising.” The Geneticist begins pulling out Donovan’s teeth. His gums well up with blood. It smears across his face in a grotesque parody of clown makeup. Suddenly new, sharp, needle-like teeth begin to grow double rows.

Lydia is wheeled down the corridor of Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. Her mother is being “forced cheerful” telling her that she’s going to alright. Lydia’s one thought it keeping her mother from talking about the girl with the tail that attacked them. She says her mom can’t say anything about what she saw. Natalie says all she saw was some lunatic girl trying to kill everyone.

Liam enters the hospital with Scott and downloads all the information about the holes in the ground where they suspect Tracy and others were once buried.

Melissa McCall comes out into the hall where Lydia’s friends are waiting for news of her condition. She says Theo probably saved Lydia’s life with the tourniquet which earns him a nod of almost-appreciation from Stiles. Melissa says Lydia is heading into surgery and that it will likely be a while before they are done. She also asks if there are any other “supernatural details” that she needs to know about before they operate. Kira points out that Lydia was cut with Tracy’s tail.

Malia again points out that Tracy isn’t the only concern, reminding Scott and Stiles about the guys in the masks. It’s almost like she doesn’t believe that they really believe her about that part of the story.

In the operating room, Melissa asks Lydia to start counting backward as the anesthesia begins to take effect. As she is beginning to lose consciousness, Lydia sees the regular doctors and nurses phase into the Dread Doctors and back again. She is almost out of it and stops counting. The Surgeon tells her to “keep counting” as The Dread Doctors crowd around her.

Stiles and Deaton Speculate

In Stiles room, he writes “Masked” and “Tracy Stewart” on his Plexiglas murder board.

Malia catches sight of “Who is the Desert Wolf?” written above and off to one side. Unprompted, she rises and begins to erase that part of the board.

Scott and Kira Yukimura return to his house. Her hands are still red from where she applied pressure to Lydia’s wounds. They embrace and begin to kiss but are interrupted by Deaton.

The vet brought along visual aids. He brings out a jar with the claw from the glowing power-absorbing creature and describes “a werewolf with the talons of an eagle.” He says it might be a Shapeshifters known in “eastern mythology” as a Garuda.

Another jar holds Tracy’s claws which he says are unmistakably werewolf but she also bears the scales and venom of a Kanima.

He says the idea is terrifying but even more concerning is how Tracy got across the Mountain Ash. He reiterates the fact that no supernatural creature can cross an ash barrier. This leads to the conclusion that Tracy was somehow a non-supernatural werewolf-kanima hybrid. Deaton says if she wasn’t born or bitten then she had to have been made.

He says someone is trying to make supernatural creatures with non-supernatural means blurring the lines between science and the supernatural.

Scott brings up the holes in the woods and Deaton speculates that burying might be part of the “incubation” process.

Deaton says Scott and Kira should do what they’ve always done and protect their friends. Scott wants to know who will protect someone like Tracy but Deaton doesn’t have an answer.

Deaton leaves town in search of answers. He says he’ll be gone “a few days.”

Kira wants to know just how scared they should be prompting Deaton to say “I’ve lived in the world of the supernatural for a long time but I’m still a doctor, still a man of science. When something like this happens, it rattles the foundation of everything you believe. Something like this shakes you to the core” and “The rules have changed.”

In her hospital room, Lydia hears martial arts fighting on television. She rolls over to find Parrish sitting on her bed. She indicates the fighting on TV and asks if he knows how to do it. He says he was taught some jiu-jitsu as part of CQC (Close Quarters Combat) training in the army.

Lydia asks Parrish to teach her to fight and he agrees.

The Science of Chimeras

Mrs. Finch (Michelle Clunie) has drawn colorful representations of DNA Fragments on the chalk board in AP Biology to illustrate the routh for DNA into cells. She turns to the class and asks “If 99.9% of our DNA Sequence is the same as other humans, what could account for the missing .1% difference?” She calls on Theo who answers correctly “nucleotides.”

Scott is not paying attention. He’s written out his own formula, starting with the blue glowing creature (whom he calls Belasko), he then writes “Talons” “Tracy” “Kanima” and “Wolf.”

Kira asks if there can be more than one species in the same DNA. Mrs. Finch says no, but says there can be multiple sets of DNA in the same individual which they call a Chimera.

Finch asks the class if anyone knows where the term comes from and Sydney pipes up that it’s from Greek mythology. It was a lion with a goat coming out of its back and a snake for a tail. Finch is not impressed because she sees that Sydney has her phone open to the Wikipedia page for the answer.

Finch then moves on to the discussion of mutation which was the night’s assigned reading. Scott didn’t get to that and admits as much. Finch is disappointed and brings out the forms to drop the class for the students who’ve realized they can’t handle the difficulty level. After a few seconds thought, Scott takes the form.

Theo Psychoanalyzes Donovan

Deputy Clark (Benita Robledo) is showing the Sheriff footage from the jail cell from the night of Tracy’s attack. The video goes grainy and cuts out for a second and when it resumes, Donovan is no longer inside the cell.

The sheriff points out that it is her day off but Clark says she heard Donovan’s threats against his life and won’t rest until he’s caught. The sheriff believes Donovan is on the run somewhere.

He’s not. Donovan is still strapped to the table in the Dread Doctor’s lair. Theo enters and explains that Donovan is lucky “they are allowing me to talk to you” he says “they don’t usually do that.”

He doesn’t have much time. He says “these guys, they believe in numbers and results.” He says the Doctors will weigh the pros and cons and decide pretty quickly if Donovan will live or die. 

Theo holds a folder and says it is Donovan’s “psych evaluation” from when he applied to be a deputy sheriff. He says it includes a multiphasic personality inventory” which is a test that assesses abnormal behavior. He says it is supposed to indicate if a subject is lying or being defensive or is a “total psycho.”  Theo says Donovan scored high on the “Psychopathic Deviate scale.” He also indicates that Donovan’s  “Anger Expression Inventory” resulted in a finding that he is “not suitable for law enforcement.”

Theo then expresses sympathy and talks about how unfair it is that Donovan can’t be a cop like his dad but says the young man now has something better. He says Donovan has power, more specifically he has strength, speed and heightened senses.”

Theo suggests that instead of going after Sheriff Stilinski directly that Donovan should inflict real and long-lasting, soul-crushing pain by going after those Stilinski loves the most.

New Bestiary Entries

Stiles arrives at the library. He says they couldn’t get in to see Lydia because she is still in the ICU and isn’t allowed any visitors besides family.

They’ve brought the newly enlarged and bound Bestiary. As Kira turns the pages there is a new image of a Berserker attacking a Viking.

Scott explains that they are looking for a Chimera which he describes as “a creature made of incongruous parts.”

According to a new page in the Bestiary, “A Wendigo is strong enough to not only fight an Alpha Werewolf but to possibly win such a fight.”

The rest of the entry reads:

These vicious supernatural creatures were an unwelcome discovery among the native people of the new world. They are known to have an uncontrollable appetite for human flesh which leads them to kill despite any better judgment they might processes.

Sneaky creatures, Wendigos can maintain a human appearance while hiding multiple fanged teeth (similar to Kanimas) behind their lips. However, when in their true form, Wendigos’ eyes shimmer with a white glow.

While there may be a tactical strike known to kill these supernatural cannibals among the tribes who have been most affected by Wendigos, it is yet unknown to us.

Stiles falls asleep reading the Bestiary.

Malia is clicking her pen over and over again. She thinks back to how the doctors injected Tracy and suddenly decides to go. She tries to wake Stiles but he is out.

Welcome to Sinema

Liam and Mason are heading out for the night in the Beacon Hills Warehouse District. Mason explains that Liam is to be his “wingman” for the night. Liam is less than enthused by the prospect.

Hayden Romero works as a “shot girl” at a club called “Sinema” and has agreed to let Mason in through the backdoor. She balks at also allowing Liam inside until Mason gives her $50.

Inside the club, Electro House pumps while scantily clad dancers gyrate on lighted platforms. Liam comments that they “don’t look old enough to be here.”

Mason spots Brett Talbot who is dancing with a girl. Liam asks if the club is “mixed” and then notices Brett dancing with a boy. Mason says “ish.”

Hayden gets a fresh tray of shot vials from the bar. Before she can take them, the bartender drinks one. Hayden reminds him that she has to pay for them herself if she doesn’t sell them. He doesn’t care and takes another. She tells the bartender (Phil) to keep getting drunk as usual. He holds out his hand to show how steady it is. Hayden walks away and says “I’m never going to make enough.”

Liam watches Brett and Mason drink. He senses something in the bar. His senses heighten and he hears the tap, tap, tap of someone’s shoes.

Corey's Pain

Scott and Kira step out of the elevator at the hospital and Melissa bring them up to speed on the injured boy they are treating. Liam’s stepdad explains that they are going to get an anesthesiologist specializing in acute pain.

We can hear a patient (Corey) screaming and Melissa explains that they’ve doped him up with morphine but nothing is helping with the pain. Scott says he can help. He grabs the kid’s hand and the tell-tale black lines begin to climb from the injured boy into Scott’s arms but something is different. The lines are more intense and Scott seems to be in real pain. Kira and Melissa pull him away, he is exhausted.

She shows Scott the injury and says it should have killed him because it is like a scorpion sting but from a ten-foot tall scorpion.

The boy gasps out the name “Lucas.”

Scorpion Boy Attacks

In the club, Brett tells Liam that he didn’t notice anything supernaturally out of the ordinary. Liam wants to know if anyone else in Sinema is like “us.” Brett says he doesn’t know but it wouldn’t be unusual since it’s Beacon Hills. Liam says it felt different, off, wrong.

A handsome man (Eddie Ramos) wearing a vest catches Mason’s eye. He asks Brett about him and learns his name is “Lucas.” He has his hands clasped behind his back and suddenly thorn-like spikes begin to form along his arms.

Liam again senses something in the club. His eyes glow yellow.

Corey is feeling better. He explains to Scott how Lucas changed from being somewhat timid to being way overconfident and aggressive. They were making out when Corey felt a sharp sting on his arm and Lucas’ eyes turned black. Corey says Lucas is heading to Sinema.

While looking for Mason, Liam runs into Hayden and knocks a full tray of drinks from her hands. She says they’re $10 each. Liam offers to pay but can only come up with $12 and change. Hayden says he owes her $200.

Lucas and Mason slip into one of the club’s darker corners. A movie is projected onto Mason’s shirt. It is night of the living dead with which Lucas is unfamiliar. Mason explains that the zombies win and all the good guys pretty much die. Lucas says it must be better to be a bad guy and moves in to kiss Mason.

As they kiss, sharp thorns form on the back of Lucas’ neck.

Kira is still trying to digest what they’ve learned about a kid turning into a half-scorpion/half-werewolf.  Scott says there was something Sumerian in the bestiary that fits (See: Scorpion Man)

Entering the club through the back, Scott and Kira trigger the alarm. She quickly grabs a piece of her “swordbelt” and throws it at the alarm box, severing the electricity. Scott looks at her with admiration and says “God, I love you.” Kira is stunned.

Lucas is moving in on Mason again, his arms spiking up as he does. Suddenly, Brett grabs him from behind and throws him across the room. He turns to Mason and tells him to “Run!”

Lucas’ eyes go black and he attacks Brett.

Kira is stammering about how Scott has once again said something that “changes everything” and he doesn’t even realize it. Scott hears the growls from the fight and plunges in.

Lucas and Brett spar but eventually the Scorpion thorns slice across the werewolf’s abdomen. As Lucas brings his arms up for another blow, Liam tackles him to the floor. Lucas is strong but Liam manages to hold him off. Scott arrives and kicks Lucas off. Lucas easily throws Scott across the room then kicks Liam in the gut. Kira whips out her sword and they spar.

Malia Finds Key Evidence and Kira Loses Her Mind

Malia is in Tracy’s room sitting on the bed. She goes through the girl's drawings and then notices a small novel on her desk under a wallet. A post-it note says “Here’s the book you asked for. Cheesy stuff, but still a fun scary read.”

The book, by T.R. McCammon is titled “The Dread Doctors” with the tagline “A terrifying tale of science fiction and horror.”

The cover image shows the three familiar masks. The book is old with a cover price of just 50 cents.

Kira and Lucas fight. He can’t really get close enough to touch her and she doesn’t land very many effective hits with the sword but does manage to kick him backwards. Liam jumps up, grabs him and throws him to the ground.

Lucas’ eyes clear.

Kira’s aura fires up and she prepares for a killing blow on Lucas. She shouts something in Japanese as she runs forward but Scott stops her and calms her down.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The MTV suggested hashtag for this scene was #KiraisLosingit

Scott and Liam start to move Lucas but a spike shoots out from nowhere and straight through the scorpion boy’s middle. The spike is on a string and above, standing on the rafters and lighting rig, the Dread Doctors reel it back in on one of their contraptions. Scott yells at them asking why they killed Lucas. The Surgeon replies, “His condition was terminal.” Scott wants to know what that means and the Surgeon says “Failure” before they disappear in a shower of sparks.


At the morgue, Melissa says she’s sure they’ll come up with some way to explain the stingers in Lucas’ arms. She says it will be easier than explaining a tail. Scott is concerned that they are lying but Melissa says maybe it is the best that they can do for now.

Scott is beating himself up saying he should have seen it coming and should have stopped it. Melissa says his grandfather had a saying about the word should, “You know what you’re doing when you say ‘should’ too often? You’re shoulding all over yourself.”

Melissa says she can’t be the kind of mom to tell Scott not to do something to help because he is always going to want to help. He has the power to do something and cares enough to do it. Scott says he is going to find out who did it and stop them.

They turn out the lights in the morgue and exit. Parrish enters and takes the body. He goes to the Nemeton where his body catches on fire also burning Lucas in the process.

The engine in Stiles’ Jeep is smoking. He lifts the hood and begins wrapping duct tape around another hose. Donovan comes up behind him and extends his hand. There is a mouth on his hand with tiny little sharp teeth like a lamprey which he slams down on Stiles’ shoulder. Stiles yells in pain.


  • Too Far Moon - “Til My Heart Stops”
Scene: Malia erases Stiles’ board. Scott and Kira share a moment.
  • SpeakerHedz - “Lookin’ At You”
Scene: Liam and Mason enter Sinema.
  • DallasK - “Orion”
Scene: Liam and Mason walk through the club.
  • DallasK - “Vice”
Scene: Malia leaves Stiles at the library. The Bartender drinks Hayden’s shots.
  • Hardball & DallasK - “Area51”
Scene: Liam tells Brett that something is wrong. Mason catches Lucas’ eye.
  • DallasK - “Superfuture”
Scene: Liam bumps into Hayden at the club.
  • No Ego - “America”
Scene: Mason and Lucas share a moment in the club.
  • DallasK - “Alienz”
Scene: Mason and Lucas are interrupted by Brett.
  • Black Sugar Transmission - “God Loves War”
Scene: Scott and Kira walk through the club.

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