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Corey is a student at Beacon Hills High School and a chimera who has the ability to become invisible like a chameleon.

He apparently comes from a neglectful home because has told Mason that his parents hardly notice and didn't even know he was dead.

He is portrayed by Michael Johnston.

Season 5

He was dating Lucas and was badly injured when Lucas began exhibiting his scorpion side. Scott McCall took away the pain. (Read More...)

Mason runs into him at school and later notices the injury miraculously healed leading Mason to conclude that Corey too is a chimera. (Read More...)

Scott extracted Corey's memories in hopes of discovering the Dread Doctors' lair. (Read More...)

Corey became much stronger just before he began to bleed mercury. He tries to escape but is killed by The Surgeon. (Read More...)

Theo brought him back to life as part of his pack. (Read More...)

In the future, he breaks into Eichen House with the rest of the chimera pack. (Read More...)

Unlike the other chimeras, Corey doesn't want to fight and wants a normal life. Theo uses threats to get him to fight Scott with little success. (Read More...)

He and Mason discuss whether everyone is a good guy or bad guy and reveals he only cares about being alive. The two boys eventually kiss. (Read More...)

His face is not shown, but is seen sitting on floor in the aftermath of capturing the werewolf Deucalion. (Read More...)

He listens in on Malia and Kira as they discuss Scott's plan to break into Eichen House for Lydia Martin. (Read More...)

He is severely burned by Parrish, but he is saved by Malia by taking his pain away. (Read More...)

As he prepares to leave Beacon Hills, Mason convinces him to stay and they help search for clues as to who the Beast could be. (Read More...)

Outside the school, he makes himself visible after hearing Scott accuse Mason of being The Beast, he grabs Mason and turns invisible again. (Read More...)

Corey has taken Mason to the tunnels in order to keep him safe from Scott. However, he does not account for the Dread Doctors who soon show up. He and Mason attempt to escape but they are soon captured. (Read More...)

Corey appears after Mason is saved from Sebastien and embraces him and later is seen in the library of the high school with him. (Read More...)

Season 6

Corey goes invisible in order to "borrow" Mr. Douglas' compass so Liam and Mason can investigate strange readings.(Read More...)

Corey hides in the school as the Ghost Riders approach, warning Mason of their arrival as he secretly watches while they make someone vanish. (Read More...)

Corey can't help thinking they forgot something as he prepares of the worst. When the Ghost Riders arrive, he and Gwen are the only two who can see them. While camouflaged, he grabs the Rider as it passes, making them both visible to everyone. (Read More...)

After finding Liam in the locker room, Corey suggests that they leave as the night is over. Liam announces that he plans on catching one of the Ghost Riders but Corey is in disbelief. (Read More...)

Corey asks Mr. Douglas what he's doing in the preserve, he say it's something he's wanted to do for a long time. Then wrapping the whip around Corey's neck until he disappears in a cloud of green smoke. (Read More...)

Corey is attached to many wires and acts as the link to merging the Ghost Rider's limbo with Beacon Hills. Once the wires are taken out, the townspeople are returned and remnants of the Riders disappear. (Read More...)



  • We were just kissing and then I felt this sharp sting in my arm and then I looked up at him, and I swear his eyes turned black.” — Corey to Scott and Kira in Condition Terminal
  • That's what none of you get, there aren't going to be any good guys or bad guys, its either going to be dead or alive. I want to be alive.” — Corey to Mason in Codominance
  • They barely noticed when I died the first time. Look at this, this is life in Beacon Hills, this is what happens. It doesn't hurt, its just taking forever to heal.” — Corey to Mason in A Credible Threat

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