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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 4 Unleashed Keahu Kahuanui Charlie Carver Danny and Ethan
Danny Māhealani
ActorKeahu Kahuanui
First AppearanceSecond Chance at First Line
Last AppearanceThe Divine Move

Danny Māhealani, portrayed by Keahu Kahuanui, is a recurring character on MTV’s Teen Wolf.


According to Stiles, everybody likes Danny.

He was Jackson Whittemore’s best friend and a fellow Lacrosse player. Danny often tried to be a calming force to Jackson's high strung personality.

He is number 6 on the team and plays goalie.

Danny identifies himself as gay. A running joke during Season 1 involved Stiles wondering aloud and then directly asking if Danny thought he was attractive.

Danny has had one of the more interesting relationship arcs within the show. We've seen him bring his boyfriend to the formal in Season 1, suffering a break-up and rebound in Season 2 and dating an Alpha Werewolf in Season 3.

While he seemed unaware of the supernatural goings on for three seasons, Danny surprised everyone by revealing that he knows all about Beacon Hills werewolves.

Season 1

Danny disagrees with Jackson when the the team decides to ostracize Scott. (Read More...)

Jackson prefers Danny to his other male friends because, in Danny's words, "I don't stare at his girlfriend's coin slot." (Read More...)

Stiles questions Danny about what Jackson witnessed at the video store. Stiles falls off his chair after asking if Danny finds him attractive. (Read More...)

Danny supports Scott against Jackson when the pair are named co-captains of the lacrosse team. Scott injures Danny on the field.(Read More...)

Danny’s homosexuality became a minor plot driver when Stiles used a shirtless Derek Hale to entice Danny into helping them hack an email account. Danny has a criminal record from a computer hacking incident when he was 13 years old. He says the charges were dropped. (Read More...)

Danny takes Scott's willingness to pass the ball as an apology for Scott's running him over on the field. (Read More...)

Scott forces Danny to dance with him during the winter formal to get Bobby Finstock off his back. (Read More...)

Season 2

While trying to determine which of the lacrosse players is the new werewolf Scott tackles Danny and sniffs him. This doesn't seem to bother Danny who says simply "Armani". He then explains to a confused Scott that he is wearing Armani aftershave which Scott says is nice. (Read More...)

Jackson asks Danny to enhance the image of the video of Jackson in bed. Danny finds that a bit awkward and reminds Jackson that he's "not my type". Danny, with the help of Matt, manages to enhance the video and finds an edit point which means the tape has been altered with two hours of footage missing. (Read More...)

While trying to restore footage of Jackson, Scott confronts Danny about his damaged lacrosse gear. Danny says someone else was wearing the gear in the last game. (Read More...)

Danny finishes the restoration of Jackson's video. Later at a club, Danny is bummed about his recent break up. When the Kanima attacks, Danny is paralyzed and hospitalized overnight. (Read More...)

Danny seems to be one of only two people (the other is Lydia) who can reach Jackson as he falls deeper under the Kanima Master's control. In the locker room, he snaps Jackson out of a daze. Jackson then warns Danny to avoid him and protect himself on the field if anything happens. (Read More...)

Season 3

In Economics class, Danny tries his hand at quarters. In the library he meets an interesting new boy while Lydia seems drawn to the boy's twin. (Read More...)

Danny overhears Stiles telling Scott that he must have sex in order to escape the fate of the virginal victims murdered in previous episodes. Danny says he'll do it and tells Stiles to be at his house at 9PM and to prepare to stay all night because "I like to cuddle." (Read More...)

Danny and Ethan sit together on the bus for the Cross Country Team trip and Danny reluctantly agrees when Stiles asks him to find out why Ethan is checking his phone so much. He comforts Ethan after Isaac beats him up. (Read More...)

Danny and Ethan share a room on a Cross Country Team trip. While making out, Ethan notices some surgical scars on Danny's torso. He asks him if he would like it if they could go away (hinting at but not mentioning the effects of an Alpha bite). Danny says the scars make him feel like a survivor. (Read More...)

Danny suffers shortness of breath and chest pains. At the hospital he throws up mistletoe berries. He is saved by Melissa McCall. Stiles discovers he wrote a scientific proposal about Telluric currents. Scott believes this is why he was poisoned with mistletoe. (Read More...)

Ethan gives Danny a quick touch up before he plays in Ms. Blake's memorial concert. The orchestra oddly turns to a violent, angry tone, and Danny blows his trumpet with great force. After the pianist is killed onstage, Danny stands up in awe, while chaos stirs around him. (Read More...)

In the final montage, Danny is seen walking out of a classroom holding Ethan's hand. (Read More...)

It is revealed that Danny has moved on from Ethan as he is making out with another boyfriend. (Read More...)

Danny gets help from the twins to throw a rave at Derek's Loft. Later, he helps Aiden in making Lydia come back to her senses after her attack from the Oni. (Read More...)

Ethan tackles Danny when he is running Cross Country and the two share a kiss. (Read More...)

Danny is excited when Ethan decides to join the lacrosse team in the spring. He is enticed by a possessed Ethan to come to the shower and make out with him. (Read More...)

While in Economics, Danny points out that Meredith is in class. He helps Coach Finstock with interrogating her by correcting the his vocabulary. (Read More...)

He breaks up with Ethan after confessing that he knew Ethan was a werewolf. (Read More...)

The Name

The character had no surname in any source material during Season 1.

In Season 2 his name appears on a piece of damaged lacrosse equipment as Mahealani.

Māhealani is used as a female given name in Hawaii.

It is a portmanteau combining the words māhea, meaning haze and Lani which can mean sky.

Two Sources, Lorrin Andrews and the Parker Dictionary, offer a more specific definition.

The sixteenth day of the month in the old Hawaiian calendar; the day when the full moon begins to lose its roundness; also called Malani.

The more modern Pūkui and Elbert Dictionary seems to confirm this definition but is largely based on the previous two sources.



  • That's not really his color...” — Danny talking about Derek to Stiles during Wolf's Bane.
  • You're a terrible person.” — Danny talking to Stiles in Wolf's Bane.
  • If I come back and find you dead under a pile of weights, I’m taking the Porsche.” — Danny talking to Jackson in Venomous.
  • "Come to my place at 9:00. Plan to stay the night. I like to cuddle."- Danny messing with Stiles in Unleashed.

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