Main Article: Danny

Danny disagrees with Jackson Whittemore when the team decides to ostracize Scott McCall. (Read More...)

Jackson prefers Danny to his other male friends because, in Danny's words, "I don't stare at his girlfriend's coin slot." (Read More...)

Stiles questions Danny about what Jackson witnessed at the video store. Stiles Stilinski falls off his chair after asking if Danny finds him attractive. (Read More...)

Danny supports Scott against Jackson when the pair are named co-captains of the lacrosse team. Scott injures Danny on the field. (Read More...)

Danny’s homosexuality became a minor plot driver when Stiles used a shirtless Derek Hale to entice Danny into helping them hack an email account. Danny has a criminal record from a computer hacking incident when he was 13 years old. He says the charges were dropped. (Read More...)

Danny takes Scott's willingness to pass the ball as an apology for Scott's running him over on the field. (Read More...)

Scott forces Danny to dance with him during the winter formal to get Coach Finstock off his back. (Read More...)

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