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He notices that Jackson is bleeding black fluid from his nose in class. (Read More...)

While trying to determine which of the lacrosse players is the new werewolf, Scott McCall tackles Danny and sniffs him. This doesn't seem to bother Danny who says simply "Armani". He then explains to a confused Scott that he is wearing Armani aftershave which Scott says is nice. (Read More...)

Jackson asks Danny to enhance the image of the video of Jackson in bed. Danny finds that a bit awkward and reminds Jackson that he's "not my type". Danny, with the help of Matt, manages to enhance the video and finds an edit point which means the tape has been altered with two hours of footage missing. (Read More...)

While trying to restore footage of Jackson, Scott confronts Danny about his damaged lacrosse gear. Danny says someone else was wearing the gear in the last game. (Read More...)

Danny finishes the restoration of Jackson's video. Later at a club, Danny is bummed about his recent break up. When the Kanima attacks, Danny is paralyzed and hospitalized overnight. ((Read More...)

Danny refuses to get Stiles Stilinski and Scott tickets to an underground party so that they can stop Jackson. (Read More...)

Danny seems to be one of only two people (the other is Lydia Martin) who can reach Jackson as he falls deeper under the Kanima Master's control. In the locker room, he snaps Jackson out of a daze. Jackson then warns Danny to avoid him and protect himself on the field if anything happens. Read More...)

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