Deputy "Valerie" Clark is employed by the Beacon Hills Sheriff's Department and is sister to Hayden Romero.

She lives with and takes care of her sister.

Some time after the Ghost Riders appeared, she and Hayden move away from Beacon Hills. (Said the Spider to the Fly)

Deputy Clark is played by Benita Robledo.

Season 5Edit

Clark makes her first appearance in where she helps bring Donovan to the station after he breaks his parole. (Read More...)

Deputy Clark is incapacitated by Tracy Stewart in her attack on the Sheriff's Station. (Read More...)

She investigates Donovan's escape from jail on her day off. (Read More...)

Clark also tracks down a prank 911 call from the school library after Stiles Stilinski makes the call and does not respond. (Read More...)

Clark surprises Hayden at school during to bring her anti-rejection medication which she forgot at home. She points out that Liam Dunbar "got cute." (Read More...)

Clark investigates a missing teen named "Josh Diaz" while working a double shift at the Sheriff's station. (Read more...)

She arrests and handcuffs Kira Yukimura on suspicion of murder. Clark also finds out that school Access Cards belonging to Stiles and Theo Raeken were scanned in that night. (Read More...)

Clark joins in the search for the other chimeras in Beacon Hills. (Read More...)

Deputy Clark is involved in a car accident while chasing a very large "suspicious bipedal animal." She is uninjured but the car is totaled. Later, her sister reveals Clark's first name is "Valerie." (Read More...)

She takes a call from Jordan Parrish after he escaped from the station. (Read More...)

After she chastises Hayden for disappearing for days, she discovers an attack caused by The Beast of Gevaudan and is nearly attacked herself. (Read More...)

She takes part in a car chase with Stilinski and other deputies against The Beast where she admits that it's not an animal. (Read More...)

She is working at her desk when she notices that Sheriff Stilinski has his firearm drawn. She stands up and reaches for her gun, Valerie demands that Sebastien doesn't move but when he continues to approach, she fires. However her bullets have no effect on him. (Read More...)

Season 6Edit

When a young boy named Alex goes missing from the Sheriff Station, Stilinski orders Clark, along with the rest of the deputies to search the station for him. They soon find the boy in the holding cell. (Read More...)


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