Main Article: Dr. Deaton

He is introduced as Scott McCall's boss at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic. Sheriff Stilinski sought out his help and advice in the ongoing investigation of animal attacks in Beacon Hills. (Read More...)

Stilinski tries to ask him for more information only to be given the brush off. (Read More...)

Derek Hale becomes convinced that he is The Alpha after the Vet lies about a dead deer found with a spiral pattern burned into its side. Derek attacks and knocks the man unconscious, ties him up and dumps him into the back seat of his car. He then disappears just before The Alpha attacks Derek at the BHHS. (Read More...)

He is sitting in an ambulance receiving treatment a few hours later. Scott asks him how he got away, but he is vague in his response. (Read More...)

After Scott is attacked by Hunters, Deaton finds him and takes him to his clinic for treatment of bullet wounds. He explains that treating animals is only 90% of his work. (Read More...)

When Peter Hale shows up to get Scott at the clinic he is repelled by a balustrade of Mountain Ash. He becomes so frustrated at this, he throws a chair at the Vet. Deaton doesn't flinch as the chair smashes into the wall beside his head. (Read More...)

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