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Scott McCall tries to ask him how he knows about werewolves. Chris Argent later shows him a dead Hunter and asks him what killed him. He explains to Scott that his wound is not healing because it was inflicted by an alpha. (Read More...)

As he is treating Scott's wound, he explains that the Argents have a book of all the creatures they've encountered and that it might have information about the new Lizard Creature. When the hunters return with Gerard in tow, the old man calls him by his first name, "Alan", and says he thought he had retired. The vet then proceeds to describe what he has gleaned about the creature from how it killed the hunter. (Read More...)

Scott, Isaac Lahey, and Derek Hale visit Dr. Deaton in hopes he can help them capture Jackson Whittemore. He gives them Ketamine to subdue Jackson. He gives Stiles Stilinski a powder made from Ash trees and says it can bind the kanima because it can stop supernaturals. He explains that the entire Animal Clinic is lined with the stuff. Stiles has to make a circle of the stuff all around Jackson to keep him from escaping. Ms. Morrell comes to visit him afterwards. (Read More...)

Dr. Deaton treats Derek after Peter's resurrection (see Party Guessed). He explains that he promised Talia Hale that he would look after what was left of the Hale family. (Read More...)

When Isaac comes to the clinic for Scott's advice, Deaton shows him how to use his pain transference abilities on a sick dog. (Read More...)

Dr. Deaton helped Scott prepare capsules filled with Mountain Ash powder to help Scott dose Gerard. He seems to be tracking Gerard, examine the area where he was last seen and following the trail of black goo the older man was leaving behind. He meets up with Ms. Morrell who says she's glad he's out of retirement to which he responds, "Who ever said I was retired?" (Read More...)

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