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Sheriff Stilinski comes to visit Deaton looking for answers after several reports of bizarre animal behavior. Deaton shows him a room full of dead cats and explains they all killed themselves. (Read More...)

Scott McCall enlists Deaton's help to get Isaac Lahey to restore his memory of the night he found Boyd and Erica. Using a tub filled with ice and water, Deaton slows his heart rate to putting him in a trance-like hypnotic state and talking him through his memories. (Read More...)

Stiles Stilinski seeks his help during the second string of ritualistic Threefold Death murders. While Stiles thinks they may be connected to an ancient people known as Druids, Dr. Deaton explains that they were philosophers not serial killers. He says the murderer is NOT a druid. Later they discover a message left by Adrian Harris pointing to a Darach (Dark Oak) as the culprit. (Read More...)

Scott seeks his advice before a planned attack on The Alpha Pack. After the attack, Ms. Morrell brings Kali, Aiden and a badly injured Ennis to Deaton for treatment. Deaton manages to stabilize Ennis but can only watch as Deucalion kills the Alpha on the examination table. (Read More...)

Deaton gets kidnapped by The Darach and lets Scott know that this will occur. He is taken to the abandoned bank from Chaos Rising and is suspended by his arms in a vault. Scott attempts to save but he is surrounded by Mountain Ash. As Scott tries to push through the barrier Deaton notices Scott's turning red. After the sheriff releases him, Deaton informs Scott that he is a "True Alpha."  (Read More...)

Dr. Deaton's life with The Hale Family is shown through Gerard and Peter's flashbacks. When Deucalion decides to meet Gerard to make peace he advises him to be careful by bringing up the story of the Toad and the Scorpion. Later he treats Deucalion damaged eyes to the best of his ability. (Read More...)

Dr. Deaton decides the best way to save their parents is to have Scott, Stiles, and Allison Argent be surrogate sacrifices for them. He admits that while it is possible to bring them back it is still very dangerous. (Read More...)

After the ritual is complete he tells the three that they had four hours until the eclipse to put any plan in motion. Later he helps save the Twins when Jennifer breaks their necks. (Read More...)

Stiles and Scott visit Deaton looking for answers to their hallucinations and waking dreams. He realizes Stiles' subconscious is using sign language to communicate and translates the message from the dream. He realizes all their problems are related to their surrogate sacrifice when they opened a door in their minds. (Read More...)

He supplies Scott and his friends with powerful tranquilizers to help take down the werecoyote. (Read More...)

Deaton obtains the plant Letharia Vulpina (Wolf Lichen) from the Yakuza and uses it to poison the Nogitsune inside Stiles, saving Scott in the process. (Read More...)

He reveals that the poison is only temporary and that a Shugendō scroll may have answers to saving Stiles. (Read More...)

Deaton paralyzes Void Stiles with Kanima venom and discusses what with Scott and Lydia Martin on what more they can do for Stiles. (Read More...)

In the school shower, he removes the Nogitsune flies from Isaac and the twins. (Read More...)

The Oni attack him at the animal clinic where he fights them until being cut by one of their blades. (Read More...)

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