Main Article: Dr. Deaton

At the clinic, Deaton and Scott McCall investigate the strange talons used in a attempt to steal Scott's alpha status and Deaton comes to the conclusion that the supernatural rules are changing. (Read More...)

Deaton examines Tracy Stewart for the pack and together they discover that she is a Kanima. The examination ends with them all being paralyzed by Tracy's Kanima venom. (Read More...)

He convinces Sheriff Stilinski to let him take Tracy's corpse to avoid exposure. He later goes through the abnormalities in the creatures they faced with Scott and Kira. (Read More...)

He discovers an old lair used by the Dread Doctors and is captured and interrogated by the Desert Wolf. (Read More...)

While being held hostage by the Desert Wolf, he is nearly taken by The Beast but Malia Tate saves him and is reunited with Scott and the others. (Read More...)

He shows Scott and Stiles a file that's "not supposed to exist" which shows Dr. Valack's own experimentations with supernatural creatures that resulted in many deaths. (Read More...)

Deaton saves Lydia's life by covering the hole in her head with Mistletoe. (Read More...)

At the clinic, Deaton is examining The Surgeon. When asked by Liam Dunbar on how to keep him alive, Deaton replies that he's not sure if the doctor is alive. Deaton comes to the realization that there's a possibility of Mason Hewitt still being alive inside Sebastien. Later, he treats Hayden's injuries. (Read More...)

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