Editor’s Note: This article concerns itself with the Druids appearing in the MTV series Teen Wolf ONLY. Click here for information on real world Druids.

“Druid” in Gaelic means “Wise Oak”.

Within the Mythology of Teen Wolf, Druids act as advisors, emissaries, to the werewolf packs to keep them connected to humanity.

This connection formed in ancient Greece after King Lycaon and his sons were turned into wolves by the god Zeus. The Druids had shapeshifting abilities and, while they could not undo the curse, they taught Lycaon how to shift back and forth between human and wolf.


Whereas Druid means "Wise Oak" and indicates a dedication to philosophy and religion, Darach means "Dark Oak" and denotes a perversion of the Druid's beliefs.


Main Article: Nemeton

Nemeton is the word used to describe a Druid Sacred Space.

There is a Nemeton just outside Beacon Hills. It was once a large sacred tree but all that remains is a stump and a large roots system which has grown into the cellar of an abandoned home.

The remains of the tree can absorb the power of sacrifices and Druids can use that power in various ways.


Main Article: Mistletoe

It is a plant used by Druids for symbols, rituals or a poison on individuals.

Season 3

While investigating a series of “Threefold Death” murders, Stiles Stilinski finds similarities to ancient druid rituals. Dr. Deaton explains that the killer is NOT a Druid but is simply copying the centuries old practices of a people who should have known better. He later says the killer is a Darach. (Unleashed)

At some point in the past, Gerard and Chris Argent discover a Nemeton (sacred space), dominated by a large tree with a fivefold knot drawn on its trunk. Blood on the tree is attributed to sacrifice. Chris explains that druids picked a large, older tree in a grove to represent the center of the world. Damaging the “world tree” would bring severe problems like fires, plagues, strife, “death and destruction” to nearby villages. Derek unknowingly killed Paige at the base of this Nemeton charging it with power from the unintentional virgin sacrifice. (Visionary)

Kali's emissary, Julia Baccari, was slashed and left for dead outside Beacon Hills several years ago. She managed to make it to the Nemeton and used the power from Paige's sacrifice to stay alive until help arrived. (The Overlooked)

Known Druids