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Ennis is portrayed by Brian Patrick Wade.

Ennis was a member of The Alpha Pack.

Season 3

Ennis disguised himself as a hospital orderly, tried to kidnap Isaac and fought off Scott when he tried to stop him. He was stopped by Derek. He later joined the rest of the Alpha Pack to take out the Mystery Girl. (Read More...)

Kali and Ennis attack Derek and Cora and hold them while Deucalion pontificates. (Read More...)

Ennis survives his fall during the battle between the Alpha Pack and Derek Hale's pack. He is badly wounded and taken to Dr. Deaton's for treatment. His prognosis is good but Deucalion crushes his skull and kills him while he is partially unconscious. (Read More...)

Sometime in the past, one of Ennis' Betas killed two hunters and was tracked down and killed by the Argents. Ennis became enraged and contacted Deucalion, Kali and Talia Hale for help in getting revenge. Young Derek Hale convinced him to bite his girlfriend, but her body rejected the bite. (Read More...)



  • Don't you realize what you're dealing with? I'm an Alpha.” — Ennis to Scott in Tattoo.
  • Ready for a rematch?” — Ennis to Derek in Unleashed.

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