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Garrett Douglas is a teacher at Beacon Hills High School and an Alpha Werewolf captured by the Dread Doctors during World War II.

He was apparently a German soldier and was known as "Der Soldat" by the Dread Doctors. Theo calls him Hauptmann ("Captain").


Some time during World War II, The Dread Doctors capture him and encase him in a tube filled with liquid and use his healing abilities to prolong their own lives.

After the defeat of the Dread Doctors and The Beast of Gevaudan, Douglas breaks out of the tube and escapes their lair. (Apotheosis)

Season 5

As Liam Dunbar looks around the Dread Doctors lair, he catches a glimpse of Douglas in the tube. (Read More...)

Throughout Season 5, the liquid from his tube is use to rejuvenate the Doctors and resurrect failed experiments (Ouroboros, Lies of Omission, Status Asthmaticus)

Theo Raeken shows Scott McCall and Liam the Alpha and they find Mason Hewitt attached to his tube. (Read More...)

Season 6

He is teaching a class where students including Hayden and Corey are smitten by his good looks. Liam and Mason later steal his compass to track down weird magnetic readings. (Read More...)

Garrett catches Scott trying to open a locker that is not his and reminds him that it's against the rules opening someone else's locker. (Read More...)

His health is bad due to his time in the tank meaning he must inhale helium. He kills a janitor in the high school and eats his pineal gland. (Read More...)

Garrett listens in as Liam and Hayden make their next move against the Ghost Riders. He decides to join them as they plan to trap one, assisting the two teens as they construct their plan. (Read More...)

Garrett shows up, no one is around but Theo and the captured Ghost Rider. He enters the cage, attacking the Rider, then taking a bite out of its head and eating its pineal gland. (Read More...)


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