Gideon Emery is an English actor known for his theater and film work in South Africa, and numerous roles in popular video games.

He plays Alpha Pack leader, Deucalion in Season 3 of Teen Wolf. He is set to make a return in the second half of Season 5.

Early Life Edit

Emery was born in England and moved to South Africa with his parents.

An only child, he kept himself amused by imitating voices from radio and TV, making acting a logical progression.

At university, he was accepted into both the Fine Arts and Drama departments, opting for the latter.

While still a student, Emery was persuaded to audition for a professional theater production, where he was discovered by lauded South African stage actor, Bill Flynn.

This led to his signing with a top agent and he began performing voice-over work while still in school.

Career Edit

Early in his career, Emery made a name for himself performing characters and accents while appearing in sketch comedy shows and award winning South African theater productions.

Also a singer, Emery appeared as a member of cult a capella/comedy troupe Not The Midnight Mass from 1994 to 1996.

He spent the next decade on screen, turning in memorable performances in a number of South African TV and movie productions.

In 2004 he relocated to Los Angeles, California.

While his credits include small TV roles on 24 (2007), CSI: NY (2008), and a short stint on General Hospital (2008), his widest audience to date is via video games. He also appears in the 6th season of True Blood (2013). 

His most recent film credit, as of 2015, is the horror-comedy Krampus where he created the vocal effects of the titular character.

Emery's voice is heard in some of the best selling video games of all time.

He appears in 5 of the Final Fantasy titles, 4 Assassin's Creed releases and 3 of the God of War titles.

To date, IMDB lists Gideon in 92 separate video game titles.

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