Halwyn is a new character introduced during Teen Wolf Season 6. He is portrayed by Casey Deidrick.

Halwyn means "salt" in Welsh and is the name of a seaside village area in Cornwall, England.


Halwyn is a Hellhound formerly incarcerated at Eichen House. He awakens after Scott's Pack manages to enter the Wild Hunt and return with Stiles Stilinski. According to the hellhound, the pack allowed something else to escape with them. Halwyn is tasked with hunting it down.

According to Doctor Conrad Fenris, Halwyn built the closed unit at Eichen House back in 1912 so that “he'd always have a room.” Fenris says no one knew the hellhound’s actual age and that he remained in Eichen for a hundred years - covered in volcanic rock - in a “state of hibernation in case IT got out.”

Season 6

After escaping from Eichen House, Halwyn picked a fight with Jordan Parrish, then immediately engaging in another fight with Liam Dunbar. Afterward, he was attacked by Tamora Monroe, which resulted in him being shot through the head. (Read More...)

His body still lays on the ground while Scott explains to Sheriff Stilinski what happened. (Read More...)

Parrish has flashback of his encounter with Halwyn and his fate. (Read More...)

Halwyn is revived by Lydia and Malia after they removed the bullet from his head. However, he would be dead soon enough due to silver poisoning. He tells them two keep the two halves of the Anuk-Ite from merging. (Read More...)


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