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When we first meet Isaac, he is working late at night at his job at the graveyard when something knocks over his backhoe dropping him into an empty grave. He then witnesses something digging up a grave. This creature is later identified as an unnamed Omega Werewolf.

Derek Hale helps him climb out of the grave. During an interview with Sheriff Stilinski, it is hinted that Isaac's father, Coach Lahey, abuses him, as evidenced by a black eye that he claims he got playing lacrosse. Isaac later meets with Derek in an abandoned train warehouse. (Read More...)

Isaac accepts the bite willingly from Derek before his father is killed by an unknown creature. An exploration of his home showed his father locked him in a freezer chest and abused him often. He escaped police custody and is on the run. (Read More...)

Isaac and new pack-mate Erica face off against Scott McCall at a skating rink. Isaac is beaten badly. (Read More...)

After the fight, Derek begins to train him and the others to survive. (Read More...)

Isaac is let back into school when Jackson gave a different alibi to Sheriff Stilinski. Later he takes part in Derek's attempt to kill Lydia Martin after thinking that she was the Kanima. (Read More...)

While discussing what to do about the Kanima, Isaac begins to question Derek's leadership choices. (Read More...)

We learn Isaac had an older brother who would have been the same age as all the kanima's victims had he not died in combat. Isaac accompanies Derek to meet Scott at the Vet Clinic. Derek is snappish with him, telling him to stop bickering with Scott and not to touch Dr. Deaton's spice rack. Isaac is later given the task of injecting Jackson with Ketamine to subdue him. (Read More...)

Isaac learns to control his shift during his second full moon. Derek chains him, Boyd and Erica in the subway car in the lair. Isaac breaks his bonds and escapes but comes back once he is in control. He tells Derek that he focused on his father to maintain control of his werewolf side. Derek believes this is because his father locked him in a freezer in the basement to punish him. Isaac reveals that his father's abuse was a recent development saying "he didn't used to." (Read More...)

He goes to the Animal Clinic to ask Scott for advice after his pack mates' choose to leave Derek. While there, the Vet shows him how to use his pain transference on a sick dog. After first deciding to run away with the others, he changes his mind and returns to help Scott at the lacrosse game. (Read More...)

After the game, he and Scott plan to track Stiles by scent. Derek and Peter show up and Isaac is swept along with them to Hale House. He then goes to the hospital and helps Scott move Jackson's cocooned body. He fights alongside Scott and Derek as they take on the Kanima. (Read More...)

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