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Isaac is revived by jumper cables, attached to a car battery and applied to his chest. His mysterious rescuer then attempts to get him to safety on a motorcycle. They are pursued by twin werewolves and crash. At Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, he is drugged into unconsciousness by another Werewolf and then kidnapped by a third. (Read More...)

Peter and Derek Hale work to restore Isaac's lost memories. Under hypnosis at Dr. Deaton's office, he reveals that Erica is dead and that The Alpha Pack is holed up in an abandoned bank. (Read More...)

He joins Derek and Scott in trying to catch Boyd and Cora Hale. While trying to trap the werewolves at Beacon Hills High School, Allison Argent helps him by shooting flash bolts to drive them in. (Read More...)

Isaac and the Alpha Twins tangle, first on the Cross Country track and then inside the school. Aiden beats up Ethan and blames Isaac. The twins then trap Isaac and Allison in a closet triggering his claustrophobia. Isaac drives Aiden's motorcycle into the school and get's Aiden suspended. Derek throw's Isaac out of the loft and he seeks refuge with Scott McCall. (Read More...)

Isaac goes with Scott to try and talk to the Alphas, but he ends up fighting them along with Derek against the pack. The next day he beats Ethan up in retaliation for Derek's assumed death until Scott stops him. (Read More...)

Isaac and the other Cross Country team members stay at the Motel Glen Capri for the night. Due to wolfsbane poisoning, he has hallucinations of being locked up by his father. He cowers under the bed and is rescued by Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin. (Read More...)

Isaac and Boyd help Derek set a trap for the oncoming attack from the Alphas. The trap does not work. After Derek and Kali fight, Isaac rushes to save Ms. Blake from the twins. (Read More...)

Isaac helps Allison hunt down her father. They track him to scene of the Darach's latest sacrifice. They inadvertently impede Chris Argent's attempt to stop the creature. (Read More...)

Isaac helps Allison and her father distract the Alpha Pack so that Cora and Peter can escape the hospital. (Read More...)

Issac helps the Argents again in finding where the next sacrifice will be. He later comforts Allison after Jennifer takes her father. (Read More...)

Isaac and Allison search for the Nemeton and find her father, Sheriff Stilinski, and Melissa McCall. Later at school, Allison and Isaac share a laugh as they descend the stairs. (Read More...)

While living with Scott, he becomes a victim of his rage when Isaac begins seeing Allison. Later he saves Lydia from one of Allison's arrows during one of Allison's recent mental episodes (Read More...)

While helping Scott locate Malia Tate in the Beacon Hills woods, his foot gets caught in one of Mr. Tate's bear traps. (Read More...)

He helps Scott and the gang find the killer, William Barrow, after he escapes from custody and nearly shares an intimate moment with Allison. (Read More...)

Isaac explains his encounter with the Oni to Allison and her father. Isaac and Allison dance at the black light party and then Allison finds what appears to be the number "5" branded on the skin behind his left ear. (Read More...)

Isaac goes with Allison and her father to seek information from a Yakuza Warrior called Silverfinger. (Read More...)

He helps Scott and the gang look for Stiles and goes with Allison to see Ken Yukimura for translating a document. (Read More...)

At the hospital Isaac gets a bad electrical burn and is left comatose. (Read More...)

Isaac is fully healed and is possessed by a Nogitsune fly. He and Allison spend the night together. He electrocutes and then tries to burn Ethan and Aiden. (Read More...)

Isaac helps Stiles question Meredith Walker. He is slashed several times in a fight with the Oni. (Read More...)

As he grieves for Allison, he discovers that silver is what caused the Oni she shot at to die. He and Chris retrieve Allison's silver arrowheads and help Derek and the Twins destroy the Oni. He leaves Beacon Hills with Chris Argent. (Read More...)

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