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Parrish makes fun of Agent McCall but later helps him search when Stiles Stilinski goes missing. (Read More...)

He unwittingly helps bring a bomb into the Sheriff's Office. Later, he helps determine that a package on a school bus is not a bomb. (Read More...)

Parrish gets knocked cold by Kincaid while transporting evidence. (Read More...)

He releases Chris Argent and Derek Hale from jail but doesn't want to return Argent's cattle prod. (Read More...)

Parrish says he moved to Beacon Hills because he felt “drawn here." (Read More...)

He fights the Oni with Sheriff Stilinski and is poisoned by the demons and is cured when they are defeated. (Read More...)

Further ReadingEdit

Jordan Parrish (Season 4)

Jordan Parrish (Season 5)

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