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Kali was a new character in Season 3(a) of Teen Wolf and was played by Felisha Terrell.

She was Deucalion's second in command and often teased and cajoled him.

She was always barefoot and used the claws on her feet to great effect in a martial arts style of fighting.

Season 3

In her first appearance Kali is disguised as a nurse. She stays barefoot throughout and fights with the claws on her feet. She drugs Isaac and later attacks his Mystery Rescuer in the school locker room. (Read More...)

She nearly discovers Allison breaking into the bank building where Derek's pack is held captive, but she is deterred by the smell of ammonia. (Read More...)

Kali and Ennis attack Derek and Cora. Kali impales Derek with a steel pipe. (Read More...)

She fights Derek with the other Alpha Pack  and then seeks treatment for Ennis at Doctor Deaton's. She is bereaved after finding out Ennis is dead. (Read More...)

She attacks Derek at his loft, holding Jennifer Blake hostage so that Boyd and Isaac don't interfere. After gaining the upper hand, she has the twins hold Derek in such a way that she can drop Boyd onto Derek's claws forcing the Alpha to kill his Beta. In a flashback we see that Kali killed Erica. (Read More...)

Back when Kali still had her own pack, she accompanied Ennis and Deucalion along with their own packs to Beacon Hills after the Argents had killed one of Ennis' Betas. (Read More...)

Kali admits to Deucalion that she did not make sure her former emissary was dead when she killed her pack to join The Alpha Pack. She tries unsuccessfully to capture Jennifer/Julia/Darach in the abandoned hospital. (Read More...)

Kali helps Deucalion and Ethan and Aiden go after Ms. Morrell. (Read More...)

Jennifer Blake kills Kali. (Read More...)

The Name

Kali is named for a Hindu goddess.

The name comes from kāla, which means black, time, death, lord of death.



  • Just an anesthetic. We don't want you getting in the way again. Count along with me, Isaac. One. Two. Three.” — Kali to Isaac when she drugs him in Tattoo.
  • Not yet, little sister. But I could. Who knows if it's five minutes or five hours before it's too late to take this thing out.” — Kali teasing Cora about killing Derek in Unleashed.
  • Are we serious with this kid? Look at him. He's an alpha? To what? A couple of useless teenagers? .” — Kali about Derek in Frayed.
  • Are you asking if maybe there was a moment of uncertainty? That when I walked away thinking she was dead that maybe I turned back? And maybe I saw her there, lying perfectly still but I focused my hearing anyway. Listened to the sound of her heart still beating....still fighting for life and I thought: I could go back and finish it or I could let someone I love die peacefully. And maybe I just kept walking.” — Kali about killing Jennifer/Julia in The Overlooked

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