Katashi (Silverfinger) was a member of the Japanese Yakuza crime syndicate on MTV's Teen Wolf. He had knowledge of fox spirits. He got his nickname, Silverfinger, from his silver prosthetic pinkie finger.

Katashi was portrayed by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and his younger self was portrayed by Nobi Nakanishi.


He worked for the Yakuza whose leader (the kumichō) was possessed by a nogitsune.

While making a trade with Chris Argent, the Oni came and killed his boss and other henchmen trying to defend him. As he was getting to run away, Chris shoots an Oni in the face saving his life and his honor. Had he been caught running away, he would've been beheaded.

After retiring from the mob, he became a paranoid recluse.

Years later, Chris visits him with Allison Argent and Isaac Lahey at his side to make a gun sale, a French flintlock turnover pistol for $100,000, in order to find out information on the Oni and Kitsunes.

Between Silverfinger and Letharia Vulpina he is killed. Chris and Derek Hale are arrested for after evidence linking them to his death is found in Argent's apartment. They suspect the Nogitsune framed them for the crime.

Season 3Edit

Katashi's men attack Chris while he is looking for him. (Read More...)

He urges Chris to let the Oni destroy the Nogitsune in Beacon Hills and stay out of their way. (Read More...)

After his death, his werewolf bodyguard, Kincaid, tries to retrieve his prosthetic finger to get the valuable Shugendō scroll concealed in it. (Read More...)

Season 4Edit

Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin attempt to use the money from gun trade to bribe Araya Calavera for Derek. (Read More...)

Quotes Edit

  • If there is a Nogitsune among you, let the Oni destroy it. Even if it is your own daughter.” — To Chris in Silverfinger
  • Taking out my security is not what I would call a good conversation starter.” — To Chris in Silverfinger.
  • You don't fight a tsunami. You endure it. And you hope you're not destroyed in its path.” — Explaining the nature of Oni in Silverfinger
  • I owe you more than my life. I owe you my honor.” — To Chris in Silverfinger