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Kira's father embarrasses her with a very public introduction in History class. In the hallway, she seems to sense that Scott can hear her conversation with her father despite being very far away. Later, she overhears the conversation about the hallucinations and other side effects Scott and his friends are suffering and offers a possible explanation for their troubles. (Read More...)

Kira does research on Bardo for Scott and she forgets her papers at home. Her father walks over and hands her the papers claiming that she forgot the papers for the boy she likes, referring to Scott, which embarrasses Kira. Later, she is almost attacked by the Werecoyote but is saved by Scott. (Read more...)

Kira confesses to her father, with Scott listening in, that she is not ready to date or have a boyfriend. Her father invites Scott to dinner and he and Kira bond over chopsticks and sushi - pizza and Pepsi. Kira is kidnapped by William Barrow and escapes by absorbing electricity through an as yet unknown ability. (Read More...)

Kira is desperate to get rid of pictures of herself that are on her phone but the device is in the evidence lockup at the Sheriff's Station. She allows Scott to photograph her revealing what appear to be glowing flames surrounding her body. With the help of Stiles they break in and erase the pictures from her phone. Later, Scott uses his werewolf enhanced vision and sees the outline of a glowing fox surrounding Kira's entire body. (Read More...)

Kira asks Scott to show her his werewolf side which he does. Later, she goes to Scott's house and confesses that she is Kitsune showing him a children's story book about the creature. She is tagged by the Oni, proving that she is not a Nogitsune or dark kitsune. (Read More...)

Kira's foxfire manifests and she breaks a light bulb with it. Derek believes William Barrow may have used her, and her foxfire, to somehow energize the Nogitsune inside Stiles. (Read More...)

Kira uses foxfire to defuse a downed power line. She witnesses her mother breaking one of her "tails" and helps Scott fight the Oni. (Read More...)

Kira learns to use a katana and tries to help steal Silverfinger's silver finger. (Read More...)

Learning that her mother is actually a 900 year old Kitsune, Kira must decide if she trusts her family. She uses foxfire to repair her mother's sword. (Read More...)

Kira and Allison take on the twins and Isaac who are all possessed by the flies of the Nogitsune. (Read More...)

After learning about the game of GO, Kira realizes that another enemy she has to face is her mother who still believes the only way to save Stiles is to kill him. She battles the Oni with Isaac and Allison after their allegiance switched to the Nogitsune. (Read More...)

She joins Scott, Stiles, and Lydia to battle the Nogitsune at the school. (Read More...)

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