Main Article: Kira Yukimura

Kira goes with Scott McCall and the gang to Mexico, to find Derek Hale. (Read More...)

She and Lydia Martin discover a slashed up body. Later she helps Scott and Malia Tate fight the Berserkers. (Read More...)

Kira discovers her parents want to move back to New York. She and Scott resume their romance. (Read More...)

Kira tricks Liam Dunbar into going to Lydia's lake house. She and Scott dance in the light of the full moon. (Read More...)

She joins Scott, Stiles, and Liam in the first lacrosse game of the season and after failing a play to pass the ball, Coach benches her for the rest of the game. (Read More...)

She becomes infected but unlike the wolves, the weaponized distemper hits her on a neurological level. She releases foxfire accidentally while the CDC is trying to get a blood sample and later loses her eyesight briefly. (Read More...)

She "kills" Scott using her foxfire. She and Liam then face off with a Berserker on the hospital roof. (Read More...)

Kira helps Braeden, Scott, Derek, and Chris Argent defend Satomi's Pack from assassins. (Read More...)

She and Scott have a date. It's interrupted when Kate Argent and a berserker attack. Kira is captured along with Scott and taken to Mexico. (Read More...)

Kira escapes her cell in La Iglesia and is seriously wounded by berserker Scott. She manages to trigger her innate healing by breaking a piece of obsidian and causing herself great physical pain. She keeps the piece and it becomes her first "tail" (Read More...)

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