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Kira has spent her summer in New York with her family. On their way home, they get stuck in traffic until Scott McCall picks Kira up. Later, she brings out a katana made from her belt to fight a creature with large talons. (Read More...)

Kira joins Lydia Martin and Scott in AP Biology and, later, when her and Scott make out, she blows up a light blub by accident. (Read More...)

Kira helps Lydia investigate a motive for murder and later, when she fights off Tracy Stewart, she shows off her kitsune aura. (Read More...)

She attacks chimera. Her kitsune aura erupts and nearly kills it until Scott stops her. (Read More...)

While at Eichen House, her powers begin to flare up and disrupt the electromagnetic field that keeps the Dread Doctors out. She collapses and Scott takes her to safety outside the building (Read More...)

Kira has trouble reading the book about the Dread Doctors. Mason explains to her that kitsunes have trouble understanding language tricks. (Read More...)

She nearly kills her mother during a surprise training session. Noshiko then attempts to use acupuncture to balance the power of her fox spirit. (Read More...)

After reading the Dread Doctor book, she remembers her experience with them. They attach a device to her eye which is then struck by lightning. Later, she leaves with her parents in hopes of finding a solution to better control her fox spirit. (Read More...)

She and her mother prepare to defend themselves against Skinwalkers at Shiprock. (Read More...)

Kira is put through a test by the Skinwalkers where she fights an Oni to see if she's afraid to use her skills. Eventually, the fox spirit emerges and finishes off the demon. (Read More...)

She learns from her father that her sword is a gateway for the fox, and until she can control the spirit, she cannot have the sword on her person. (Read more...)

She lacks confidence in herself which endangers Scott's complex plan to rescue Lydia. After encouragement from Malia Tate, she successfully causes a brownout to give the boys the time to get to the closed unit. (Read More...)

Kira is overwhelmed by her powers and loses consciousness. She revived by Josh Diaz. (Read More...)

The fox spirit in her takes over and begins to cause trouble for the pack until Scott calls Kira back. (Read More...)

Kira leaves town with the pieces of her dismantled sword and goes looking for the Skinwalkers in hopes that they can help her repair it. (Read More...)

She arrives from the desert just in time to cut open a door in the tunnels and save Lydia Martin. She strikes the earth with her sword and a hole opens up. Theo's sister (Tara Raeken ) drags Theo down into the hole. She says goodbye to Scott and leaves with the Skinwalkers in order to learn to control her powers. (Read More...)