Lenore is a Banshee and is a survivor of the Ghost Riders attack in her hometown of Canaan.

Lydia surmises that she is a Banshee that the Wild Hunt leaves behind due to her supernatural nature.

She is played by McNally Sagal, and her younger self is played Meghan McGarry.


She had a son named Caleb who was born in 1976 and drowned at a young age. On April 8, 1987 The Ghost Riders came through and took everyone during a town picnic leaving her behind. However, the Riders bring her son back from the dead.

Almost 30 years later, she lives alone in Canaan with the ghost of her son and in delusional state of denial.

Lydia Martin arrives with her friends and is delighted to see visitors, but when they question her about the riders, she becomes agitated and traps them in her house. She battles with Lydia through screams while the teenager forces her to reveal what happened. They share a vision of the day they came which snaps Lenore out of her delusion. Lydia informs her that 30 years have passed. She lets Lydia and her friends go but refuses to leave her son even if he is not real.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If the Ghost Riders came in 1987, then 30 years later would make it 2017, which in canon is impossible since the story likely takes place in early 2013 at the most. This seems to be a case where the production crew intentionally or accidently disregarded the canon.

Season 6Edit

She is visited by Lydia, Scott McCall, and Malia Tate to find a way to save Stiles Stilinski. (Read More...)