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Lydia Martin Beautiful Genius/Banshee
Actor: Holland Roden — First Appearance: Wolf Moon — Last Appearance: The Divine Move

Lydia Martin, is a popular and beautiful student at Beacon Hills High School on the MTV series Teen Wolf.

She is portrayed by Holland Roden.

Biography Edit

Lydia Martin seems, on the surface at least, to be shallow and bratty but this is an elaborate act. She possesses a genius level IQ, is well versed in chemistry and understands both classical and archaic Latin.

She is also one of the most fashionable and popular students at Beacon Hills High School. She hides her intellect in order to retain this social status.

Lydia has been shown to be manipulative with her friends, using them when it suits her ambitions.

She is also, like most teenagers, overly sensitive and emotional in matters of the heart. Her relationship with Jackson Whittemore at first seemed to simply be part of her plan to remain popular but she truly loved him. It was her love for Jackson that saved his life, allowing him to change from Kanima to Werewolf.

The events with Jackson and his abrupt move to London, England seemed to leave Lydia emotionally numb. She took a number of lovers over the summer and has expressed a "love them and leave them" philosophy.

She's entered into a purely physical relationship with a werewolf - Aiden. She is aware that he is using her and is willing to use him to advance her friends efforts to defeat The Alpha Pack.

It remains to be seen how the knowledge that she is a Banshee will change her worldview but so far she's expressed a willingness to use her powers to help people.

Season 1 Edit

Lydia instantly befriends new student Allison Argent and invites her to a party. (read more...)

She expresses an interest in Scott McCall only after he becomes exceptional at lacrosse. (read more...)

Lydia arranges a double date for Scott, Allison, Jackson and herself. The group goes bowling. She at first pretends to be a bad bowler but Jackson's bad behavior prompts her to show her true abilities. (read more...)

Lydia witnesses The Alpha Werewolf burst through the window of a video store. She is heavily medicated afterwards. During parent teacher conferences her parents seem surprised to learn that Lydia is one of the smartest students at BHHS. She has an "A" grade point average. (read more...)

She advises Allison that breaking up with Scott was the right thing to do. She then makes a play for him herself making out with him while he is under the influence of the impending full moon. (read more...)

Jackson dumps her and makes a play for Allison leaving Lydia to go to the Winter Formal with Stiles Stilinski. He confesses that he knows how smart she really is and likes her anyway. Jackson insults her and yet she goes looking for him on the Lacrosse field where she is attacked by Peter Hale. (read more...)

Peter forces Stiles to leave Lydia bleeding on the field where she is found by Jackson and taken to the hospital. Her wounds do not heal leading Scott and Stiles to believe that she is not turning into a werewolf. (read more...)

Season 2 Edit

While Lydia is recovering from Peter's attack she has a hallucination in the shower and disappears from the hospital. She reappears two days later confused. She says she can't remember what happened during her "fugue state" but that she "lost nine pounds". (read more...)

Lydia seems to be having hallucinations involving Peter Hale. She sees him at the school and under the ice at the skating rink. (read more...)

Her mother forces her to set up a counseling session at school but on the day she's supposed to go she awakes to find her sheets covered in blood and her mirror smashed. She wears a pair of pink gloves to school to cover up her injured hand. Waiting for her appointment, she is hit on by a strange boy who compliments her gloves and trades witty insults with her. In Ms. Morrell's office she quotes a Peter Hale speech about how friends sometimes hold you back. Later she cries in her car. She is still wearing one pink glove on her right hand but her injured hand seems to have healed. Stiles tries to comfort her. (read more...)

Lydia hallucinates Peter Hale twice, once in economics and again in the counselor's office. The strange boy is in her economics class. Isaac feeds Lydia Kanima venom under the guise of a chemistry experiment. She is unaffected making Derek think she must be the kanima. Stiles, Allison and Jackson take her to Scott's house. She and Jackson argue and we learn that Lydia wears his house key on a chain around her neck. She says that she hates him but he knows that's a lie. They kiss and Jackson begins to transform but a noise downstairs draws Lydia out into the hall. When she returns Jackson is gone. (read more...)

Lydia begs Allison to tell her what is going on since she is the only one in the group still unaware of werewolves and kanimas. Her dog, Prada, wanders away and is returned by her stalker. They share a brief flirtation during which he asks to kiss her and she playfully threatens to punch him in the throat. He then gives her a flower which appears to be wolfsbane. (read more...)

Lydia has another confrontation with her stalker who turns out to be a young Peter Hale. At the Hale House Peter tells her that he knew she was immune to the bite, and that she was his back-up plan. (read more...)

Lydia dreams of Peter Hale again. He explains that the key to his plan, the worm moon, falls on the night of her birthday party. She spikes the punch with wolfsbane then kidnaps Derek using wolfsbane powder. She uses Derek and a complex arrangement of mirrors to revive Peter Hale. (read more...)

According to Stiles, Lydia hasn't been around much since the night of her party. She shows up during the Championship Lacrosse game. She cheers on Stiles during his scoring streak and seems genuinely interested in him but as soon as Jackson is injured she rushes to his side. Lydia helps Mrs. McCall perform CPR on Jackson. (read more...)

After Jackson's "death", Lydia turns to Stiles for solace. She is hysterical because there was something she needed to give Jackson and now she can't. Realizing that the Kanima is Jackson, she shows him the key to his house that he gave her triggering his memory and bringing him back to mostly human form. (read more...)

Season 3Edit

With Jackson away in London (See Jackson Whittemore), Lydia appears to have turned to a number of lovers to fill the void. While traveling with Allison to a double date, her car is struck head on by a running deer. Later she tells Stiles that her dog, Prada, took a bite of her leg. She's also witness to a third case of bizarre animal behavior when a flock of crows crash through the windows in her English class. (read more...)

Lydia tags along, as Allison tries to find out more about the symbol bruised into their arms. Lydia wakes screaming in her room. (read more...)

Lydia wakes screaming and when she tries to drive to the store for ibuprofen, she instead ends up at the public pool where she finds a dead body. She calls 911 and then calls Stiles. She and Stiles realize that the fugue state that brought her to the body is similar to the way she behaved while under the control of Peter Hale. (read more...)

She goes into her fugue state again and ends up in the school's music room. There Lydia discovers the teacher was taken as evidenced by the blood on the piano lid. (read more...)

She rides with Allison as they follow the Cross Country team bus. In flashback we see she made out with Aiden although she denies this to Allison. She figures out Scott's wound is not healing because of psychological reasons. (read more...)

Lydia rooms with Allison at the Glen Capri motel. She begins to hear voices, 2 people committing suicide and a child being drowned by its mother. After saving Scott and Stiles from an explosion she sees a cloaked figure in the flames. She later discovers wolfsbane in Coach's whistle. (read more...)

When Dr. Deaton is taken, Stiles and Cora try to see if she can tap into the supernatural to see where he is but nothing happens. She later helps them track down the probable location of Scott's boss. (read more...)

Lydia again enters a fugue state and finds another dead body. She later finds herself at the scene of another disappearance when a teacher is taken from his classroom. Lydia decides she will stop fighting her ability and hopefully be able to help Scott save someone. She is taken by Ms. Blake who identifies her as a Banshee. (read more...)

Lydia decides not to cover up the ligature marks left on her neck by Jennifer Blake. She and Stiles work out that Blake wanted Lydia dead because she had been drawing pictures of the Nemeton. She becomes Stiles' anchor when he sacrifices himself. (read more...)

Lydia helps Ethan, warning Derek to leave town and trying to stop Aiden from helping Kali. Her scream draws Derek back to the loft. After Jennifer Blake attacks the twins, she and Cora take them to Dr. Deaton for treatment. (read more...)

When Lydia begins to notice her friends strange behavior, she does her best to help them out. While trying to help Allison by having her shoot arrows from her bow, she is almost killed in the process. (read more...)

She helps Scott and the others track down Malia, the werecoyote. Along the way she nearly gets caught in a bear trap and is rescued by Stiles. (read more...)

Lydia begins hearing a buzzing noise that sounds like flies but later discovers it is electricity which helps the group lead them to Barrow. (read more...)

Lydia tells Aiden he's not just a "bad boy" but he's a bad guy and she doesn't want to be with the bad guys. Lydia is attacked by the Demon Warriors and marked with what appears to be the number "5" behind her left ear. (read more...)

She develops new abilities that she uses to help find Stiles. After reaching a dead end she reverts to ignoring her powers again. (read more...)

She and Allison seek out Peter's help to learn how to use her Banshee powers. Lydia translates a memory that Talia took from Peter. Later, she and Allison conclude that Malia Tate is Peter's daughter. (read more...)

Lydia devises a plan to rob an armored police vehicle in order to retrieve a scroll that may help save Stiles. (read more...)

Lydia and Scott enter Stiles' mind to retrieve the real Stiles and she reveals to Peter the name of his daughter. (read more...)

The Nogistune kidnaps her and uses her banshee skills to know when the Oni come to kill him. She warns the others through Meredith not to look for her, they do anyway. She is last seen sobbing after sensing Allison's death. (read more...)

She goes with Scott, Stiles, and Kira to the school for a final battle with the Nogitsune. She later grieves for Aiden's death. (read more...)

Banshee Edit

Lydia is a Banshee. Peter Hale claims it was his attack on Lydia in Formality that was the spark that activated her innate abilities.

She can sense when someone is dying by tuning into a supernatural frequency that only she can hear.

Main Article - Banshee

Gallery Edit

Quotes Edit

  • Jackson is gonna perform tomorrow, but he’s not gonna be at his peak and I prefer my boyfriend at peak performance.” — Lydia to Scott in Second Chance at First Line.
  • What the hell is a Stiles?” — Lydia to her mother when he comes to see her in The Tell.
  • Nobody likes a loser.” — Lydia to Scott in Second Chance at First Line.
  • Never frown, because some one could be falling in love with your smile.” — Lydia to Allison in Formality.
  • A lot can happen in one night. ” — Lydia to Allison in Motel California.
  • Sweetheart, my last boyfriend was a homicidal lizard, so I think I can handle a werewolf.” — Lydia to Cora in Currents.
  • I'm something!” — Lydia to Jennifer Blake in The Girl Who Knew Too Much.
  • A genius, yes. A psychic, no.” — Lydia to Cora in Currents.
  • The other night, I helped save someone's life and that felt really good, but when I look at you, all I can think is how you helped kill Boyd. You're not just a bad boy ,Aiden, you're a bad guy, and I don't want to be with the bad guys."” — Lydia to Aiden in Illuminated

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