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Lydia instantly befriends new student Allison Argent and invites her to a party. (Read More...)

She expresses an interest in Scott McCall only after he becomes exceptional at lacrosse. (Read More...)

Lydia arranges a double date for Scott, Allison, Jackson Whittemore and herself. The group goes bowling. She at first pretends to be a bad bowler but Jackson's bad behavior prompts her to show her true abilities. (Read More...)

She gives Allison advice on her "study session" with Scott. (Read More..)

Lydia witnesses The Alpha Werewolf burst through the window of a video store. She is heavily medicated afterwards. During parent teacher conferences, her parents seem surprised to learn that Lydia is one of the smartest students at BHHS. She has an "A" grade point average. (Read More...)

Allison shows her a picture of a creature believed to be La Bête du Gévaudan and recognises it as the same creature she saw at the video store but hides the fact from her. (Read More...)

Lydia goes to the school with Jackson and Allison to find Scott and ends up trapped by the Alpha. She creates a "self-igniting Molotov cocktail" from ingredients in the chemistry lab. (Read More...)

She advises Allison that breaking up with Scott was the right thing to do. She then makes a play for him herself making out with him while he is under the influence of the impending full moon. (Read More...)

Jackson breaks up with her and tries unsuccessfully to shrug it off as nothing though she is clearly hurt by this. (Read More...)

She hikes with Allison in to see what the Flash Blot does. Along the way, Allison tells her she knows she made out with Scott. (Read More...)

As an apology she did with Scott, Lydia takes Allison shopping for a dress and has to go to the Winter Formal with Stiles Stilinski. He confesses that he knows how smart she really is and likes her anyway. Jackson insults her and yet she goes looking for him on the Lacrosse field where she is attacked by Peter Hale. (Read More...)

Peter forces Stiles to leave Lydia bleeding on the field where she is found by Jackson and taken to the hospital. Her wounds do not heal, leading Scott and Stiles to believe that she is not turning into a werewolf. (Read More...)

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