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While Lydia is recovering from Peter Hale's attack (see Formality) she has a hallucination in the shower and disappears from the hospital. She reappears two days later confused. She says she can't remember what happened during her "fugue state" but that she "lost nine pounds". (Read More...)

Lydia returns to Beacon Hills High School with a eyes staring at her being a wack-job but walks proudly despite the stares (Read More...)

Lydia seems to be having hallucinations involving Peter. She sees him at the school and under the ice at the skating rink. (Read More...)

She is hit on by a strange boy who compliments her gloves and trades witty insults with her. In Ms. Morrell's office she quotes a Peter Hale speech about how friends sometimes hold you back. (Read More...)

Lydia hallucinates Peter Hale twice, once in economics and again in the counselor's office. The strange boy is in her economics class. Isaac Lahey, Erica and Derek believe Lydia is the Kanima. She has an emotional exchange with Jackson Whittemore. (Read More...)

Lydia begs Allison Argent to tell her what is going on since she is as yet unaware of the supernatural. Her dog, Prada, wanders away and is returned by her stalker. They share a brief flirtation during which he asks to kiss her and she playfully threatens to punch him in the throat. He then gives her a flower which appears to be Wolfsbane. (Read More...)

Lydia has another confrontation with her stalker who turns out to be a Young Peter Hale. At Hale House, young Peter morphs into adult Peter and tells her that he knew she was immune to the bite, and that Lydia is his back-up plan. (Read More...)

Lydia dreams of Peter Hale again. He explains that the key to his plan, the full moon, falls on the night of her birthday party. She spikes the punch with wolfsbane then kidnaps Derek Hale using wolfsbane powder. Lydia places a semi-conscious Derek in contact with Peter's corpse and directs moonlight with mirrors. The access to the full moon, combined with Derek's healing abilities, allows his body to fully heal and brings Peter back to life.(Read More...)

According to Stiles Stilinski, Lydia hasn't been around much since the night of her party. She shows up during the championship lacrosse game. She cheers on Stiles during his scoring streak and seems genuinely interested in him but as soon as Jackson is injured she rushes to his side. Lydia helps Melissa McCall perform CPR on Jackson. (Read More...)

After Jackson's "death", Lydia turns to Stiles for solace. She is hysterical because there was something she needed to give Jackson and now she can't. She and Stiles rush to help the others confront the Kanima, realizing that it's Jackson, she shows him the key to his house that he gave her triggering his memory and bringing him back to mostly human form. (Read More...)

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