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Lydia travels to Mexico with Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Kira Yukimura, and Malia Tate. She is captured and interrogated by Araya Calavera. (Read More...)

She helps Dr. Deaton watch Derek until he escapes and later is drawn to a dead body Kate left at a gas station. (Read More...)

Lydia is drawn to a house where a family was murdered. She and Deputy Parrish discover the family had a storage freezer full of human bodies. (Read More...)

Lydia is worried about her families financial situation. She ends up hosting a party at her grandmother's lake house when uninvited guests show up during the full moon. Lydia discovers a soundproof room that allows her to better hear the Banshee voices. (Read More...)

Lydia trys to crack the second keyword to unlock the next part of the dead pool but her Banshee abilities are not "on demand" and she grows frustrated. Meredith Walker shows up to help. (Read More...)

Lydia goes to Eichen House to see Meredith. Stiles helps her find the next key. (Read More...)

Lydia finds a picture of Meredith taken in the white room at the lake house. (Read More...)

Lydia discovers an urn, supposedly containing the remains of her paternal grandmother, is filled with Mountain Ash. She suspects her grandmother is still alive after finding the last thing she wrote was Benefactor code. (Read More...)

Using a coded message left by her grandmother, Lydia investigates suicides at Eichen House and is almost killed by Brunski who is working for The Benefactor. (Read More...)

Lydia questions Meredith and gets the whole story of how Peter Hale inspired The Benefactor's plan to kill supernaturals. (Read More...)

Lydia shows up at Derek's loft in the rain and lets loose a Banshee scream. She finds Deaton in Eichen House and revives him. (Read More...)

Lydia is attacked at school by a berserker as a means to distract her and keep her from going to Mexico with her friends. Peter wanted her out of the picture because she would have sensed that Scott was turned into a berserker and was about to die. (Read More...)

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