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Sometime in the future, Lydia is in Eichen House and attempts to escape. The only thing she remembers is that her friends are in danger. (Read More...)

She attempts to help Tracy, a girl dealing with night terrors, with help from Jordan Parrish. (Read More...)

Lydia investigates what happened to Tracy Stewart after unconsciously finding another murder scene. She tries to save her mother at the Sheriff's Station and is stabbed by a Kanima tail. (Read More...)

At the hospital, she tries to tell her mother not to say anything about what she saw and, when visited by Parrish, she asks him if she could teach her how to fight hand to hand combat. (Read More...)

She talks to Dr. Valack and learns her hallucination with the Dread Doctors during her surgery may have been real. She records her scream for him in exchange for information. (Read More...)

After reading The Dread Doctors book, she has flashback of her grandmother at Eichen House. She returns to Beacon Hills Memorial in hopes of sensing more about her vision of the Dread Doctors. (Read More...)

She helps her friends set a trap for the Dread Doctors frequency. She suffers a hallucination of Tracy attacking her and ripping out Lydia's tongue. (Read More...)

She and Mason attempt to help Corey remember his experience with the Dread Doctors. She is appalled when Scott injects his claws into the back of the boy's head to extract the memories. (Read More...)

Lydia uses Parrish to find the Nemeton. She believes he is taking the chimera bodies to hide evidence of the supernatural. (Read More...)

After discovering what Parrish is, she gets knocked unconscious by Theo, who then claws her neck to find the Nemeton. Later, she witnesses the revival of several chimeras and becomes catatonic. (Read More...)

Parrish finds her in the woods and is taken to the hospital. Her mother immediately sends her to Eichen House for treatment, but Dr. Valack uses her to find out more about the Dread Doctor's plan. (Read More...)

Lydia, still comatose, communicates with Meredith Walker who offers to teach her how to use "her voice." (Read More...)

She is informed on how Dr. Valack escaped his cell and what will happen if her and her friends fail at stopping the Dread Doctors. (Read More...)

She succeeds mastering on how to use her voice as a weapon and attempts to break out of Eichen House but fails. (Read More...)

She warns Stiles to leave as she feels it's not safe for anyone to be around her. (Read More...)

Her powers nearly kill her, but thanks to her friends and Dr. Deaton, she survives. (Read More...)

She takes Parrish to the Argents to help him. While talking to the Hellhound, she says that he cannot succeed his mission without Parrish or her help. (Read More...)

She listens to Gerard tell the tale of The Beast of Gevaudan and how it was defeated the first time. (Read More...)

She catches up Parrish and convinces him to stay in town. They go to the Nemeton together where Parrish has a vision, this vision includes Lydia dead. (Read More...)

She enters the Sheriff's Station only to be attacked by Sebastien. He grabs Lydia by her neck with his claws, doing this forces her to scream and it sends Sebastien across the room. In the tunnels, she uses her banshee scream to cure Mason. (Read More...)

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