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Scott and Stiles learn Malia's story while helping Sheriff Stilinski investigate the accident that killed her mother and sister. Later, Scott finds a werecoyote in the woods and recognizes that it is a transformed Malia. (Read More...)

After Stiles steals her sister's doll, Malia tracks him to the school where she attacks Kira. Scott uses his Alpha abilities and roar to force Malia to become human again and is returned to Mr. Tate. (Read More...)

Malia is apparently the long lost daughter of Peter Hale. (Read More...)

Committed to Eichen House she helps Stiles get into the basement. The pair start kissing on an old sofa and Stiles gives up his fight with the Nogitsune to save her. (Read More...)

Off-screen, Malia arrives in Beacon Hills and gives Scott the sword and photo she and Stiles found at Eichen House. (Read More...)

She enrolls at Beacon Hills High School and Scott shows her how to "flick out" her claws while in human form. (Read More...)