Maya Eshet is an Israeli actor who played Meredith Walker, a banshee and The Benefactor on MTV's Teen Wolf from Season 3 to Season 5.


Her first role came to her in 2003 with the film Voices in the Heartland: Slaves of the Lord as the protagonist Tamar. It was originally released under the Hebrew title, Shiur Moledet: Avdei Hashem.

Her first American role came in 2013 with the television series My Boring Life as Nora. Since then, she has appeared on Kroll Show and Man Seeking Woman.

Her recent film work includes Bro, What Happened? and the short film, Whatever We Want to Be.

Eshet also has done theatre with the play The Outsider - Lovecraft Nightmare Suite in 2013.

She also appeared in Cher's music video for her single "Woman's World."