The McCall House is the home of Scott McCall and his mother, Melissa McCall.


The McCalls lived in Beacon Hills for a considerable amount of time. Melissa's ex-husband, Agent McCall used to live here until an incident with his drunkenness caused Scott to get hurt, and he was forced to leave.

As of Season 3, the house has been fitted with Mountain Ash wood by Dr. Deaton to help keep out the supernatural.

Season 1Edit

Scott nearly attacks Stiles with a baseball bat on his porch. (Read More...)

Scott gets ready for the school dance in his room with Melissa's assistance. (Read More...)

Season 2Edit

Scott and friends bring Lydia Martin to the house to protect her from Derek Hale and his pack. (Read More...)

Gerard holds Melissa hostage with the Kanima to give Scott more incentive to help the old man accomplish his goals. (Read More...)

Season 3Edit

Isaac Lahey moves in with McCalls after Derek throws him out of his loft. (Read More...)

Melissa searches through Scott's room and finds an almost empty box of condoms. (Read More...)

Scott's dad moves back much to the discomfort of Scott and Melissa. (Read More...)

The house fall victim to Scott and Isaac's minor confrontations involving Allison and Isaac's new relationship. (Read More...)

Scott uses the house to protect Kira Yukimura from the Oni. (Read More...)

The house is used to hold Void Stiles while everyone attempts to find a solution bring the real Stiles back. (Read More...)

Agent McCall shows his son the dent in the floor caused by Scott's fall the night he left. (Read More...)

Season 4Edit

Melissa spends of her time trying to pay off bills related to the house which worries Scott.

Scott hides money collected by Garrett and Violet in the hopes that his mother could use it for their expenses. (Read More...)

Melissa finds the money and convinces Scott the money from the assassins wasn't worth having because people killed for that money. (Read More...)

Season 5Edit

Melissa stops the stops before going back to work while not realizing an unknown creature has broken in. (Read More..)

Scott returns home with his mother to heal his wounds from Liam and Theo. (Read More...)

Stiles meets here with Theo to discuss the events of the Scott's fight while the alpha listens in. (Read More...)

Scott and the pack uses the house to plan out how they break Lydia out of Eichen House. (Read More...)

Malia Tate and Braeden use the house for protection against The Desert Wolf only to be trapped in the house with the assassin. (Read More...)

Malia fights her mother throughout the house. (Read More...)

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