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She attends to Lydia Martin after her a attack from Peter Hale. She also informs Sheriff Stilinski about her apparent escape from the hospital. (Read More...)

Erica is brought to Mrs. McCall at the hospital after an epileptic seizure at school. She asks Erica if she has stopped taking her medication and warns her she'll have to inform her mother. Victoria Argent cuts her arm on purpose as an excuse to talk to Melissa. (Read More...)

While at a lacrosse game, she converses with Matt and witnesses her son get injured on the field only to find that he's alright. (Read More...)

She confronts her son about him failing two classes and being on the verge of being held back a year. (Read More...)

Melissa goes snooping through Scott's room and find a 12 pack box of condoms with only one left. She tells Mrs. Argent that the couple is having sex. At work, a woman gives birth and then tells her that a monster killed her husband. (Read More...)

Mrs. McCall is called to the sheriff's station by Scott, where Matt has taken him, Stiles, and the Sheriff hostage. As events transpire, she witnesses Derek Hale in werewolf form fight Jackson Whittemore as the kanima. She then witnesses Scott as a werewolf and is shocked. (Read More...)

Gerard and the Kanima hold Melissa hostage and she tells Scott to give the old man whatever he wants. She has a change of heart later as she realizes that something dangerous is happening at the championship lacrosse game. She refuses to leave and tells her son to do whatever he must to help. (Read More...)

She rides with Jackson to the hospital where she makes an odd discovery. Jackson is covered in a mucus-like coating and is still alive. (Read More...)

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