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Still new to the supernatural, Melissa calls Scott McCall to help Isaac Lahey when he enters the hospital and is not healing fast enough to get out of surgery. (Read More...)

She calls Stiles to ask for his opinion as to who killed the guy at the pool and Heather. They both conclude that Boyd and Cora Hale did not kill them. (Read More...)

Scott hallucinates that Deucalion rips her throat open with his claws, killing her. (Read More...)

She is seen in the hospital overwhelmed while helping victims of ten car pileup. She also helps Danny by performing a needle thoracotomy. Later she explains to Sheriff Stilinski of how the recent sacrifices are done in a different way. (Read More...)

She turns over hospital files to Sheriff Stilinski and explains that while one unidentified victim was dying, hundreds of birds committed mass suicide by smashing into the hospital. (Read More...)

During a massive storm, Melissa evacuates all the patients from the hospital. Deucalion pretends to hold her hostage in exchange for Jennifer Blake but then lets her go as "gesture of good will". She helps Scott escape Ethan and Aiden by shocking them with a defibrillator. She is taken by the Darach and is tied up with Sheriff Stilinski as "Guardian" sacrifices. (Read More...)

She informs Stilinski on as much as she can tell about werewolves and the Hunters. Afterwards she listens to his story about the death of his wife. (Read More...)

Melissa and the rest of the parents are rescued with the help of Isaac, Stiles, and Allison Argent. (Read More...)

Melissa tries to cope the boys being werewolves, throwing each other around with super-strength. She tells them that the house is not supernatural-proof. (Read More...)

Melissa interviews William Barrow for his prep in surgery and is present when he escapes. It is revealed that her maiden name is 'Delgado.' (Read More...)

She helps Stiles get some sleep by giving him a sedative and later saves her ex-husband's life after he is attacked by the Oni. (Read More...)

She helps Scott's dad find Stiles in the coyote cave from More Bad Than Good and later oversees Stiles tests for a form of dementia his mother had. (Read More...)

Melissa grows concerned with Stiles' recent disappearance and later helps Scott and Allison see Isaac in the hospital. (Read More...)

The Nogistune tells her that Stiles knows about her calling Sheriff Stilinski one night before she and Agent McCall divorced, and she doesn't want Scott to know. (Read More...)

She checks Stiles vital signs after he is turned back to normal. (Read More...)

She is attacked by the Oni and makes her ex-husband promise that if she does not make it, he will try to make things work with him and Scott. She later consoles her son when he has a mourns Allison's death. (Read More...)

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