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Melissa is attacked by a Wendigo at the hospital. (Read More...)

Melissa is seen struggling with her bills. (Read More...)

Dr. Deaton and Satomi go to her for help with the werewolf-killing virus. (Read More...)

She hates the plan to "kill" Scott to flush out The Benefactor but puts on an impressive performance as the "grieving mother." She and Noshiko search for the Benefactor at the hospital and face off against a Berserker. (Read More...)

She hospitalizes Stiles Stilinski after his encounter with Brunski and gives him a cassette player so that he can play Brunski's tape of Lorraine Martin's death. (Read More...)

She discovers the money hiding under Scott's bed and presses him to give it back to the Hales. (Read More...)

Further ReadingEdit

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