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Melissa arrives home to tell Scott that she had to go back to the hospital only to find that Scott wasn't home. She is unaware that Belasko is inside the house. (Read More...)

She treats a boy (Corey) at the hospital with a massive scorpion sting. Later, she tells Scott to keep helping people because he can and should. (Read More...)

She and Malia Tate come to Scott's rescue when he suffers an asthma attack and an assault from one of the Dread Doctors. (Read More...)

She helps Stilinski piece together a connection between the chimeras and then finds a dead body in her home. (Read More...)

She calls Sheriff Stilinski to help her with the stabbed girl in her kitchen. She wants him to help cover up the death to protect their kids but he refuses and she slaps him hard. (Read More...)

She tries to save Hayden from dying but manages to revive her son after Theo attacks him. (Read More...)

She helps Dr. Geyer do everything possible to save Sheriff Stilinski. (Read More...)

After evacuating the hospital during The Beast's latest attack, she helps Scott and Liam Dunbar with their plan to break into Eichen House. She is still angry at Liam for trying to kill her son. (Read More...)

She creates a Mountain Ash barrier at her home and begins searching for other ways on how one can be a genetic chimera. (Read More...)

Melissa goes looking through Mason's hospital records and she discovers that he had absorbed a twin while in his mother’s womb. This accounts for his name not being on the list of genetic chimeras. (Read More...)

Melissa enters Lydia Martin's room at the hospital. She tells Lydia that what she's about to do has to stay between just them because she could get fired for it. She injects Lydia with a cortisone shot in order to bring the inflammation down. (Read More...)

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