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Minor but memorable characters from Teen Wolf.

Season 1



Harley is first seen talking to Scott and Stiles by their lockers as Allison, Lydia and Jackson discuss sports. She complains that Allison, the new girl on her first day, is already part of Lydia's clique.

She is a featured extra and appears in only three episodes. (Wolf Moon, Pack Mentality and Omega)

Jamila Thompson plays Harley.

Ms. Ramsey


Ms. Ramsey is an English teacher at Beacon Hills High. She talks Lydia's parents and informs them of her incredible intelligence and leadership qualities and the Argents about Allison being absent. (The Tell)

She is teaching a class when Allison chastises Scott for trying to talk to her. (Wolf's Bane)

She is played by Sharon Conley.

Unger and Reddick

Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 8 Lunatic Thugs attack Scott and Stiles

Unger and Reddick are minor characters in Season 1 of Teen Wolf played by Jonathan Kleitman and Hajji Golightly.

In Lunatic Unger and Reddick come upon Scott and Stiles drinking in the woods and try to steal their liquor. Scott wolfs out and scares them into leaving.

Reddick later disappears, presumably killed by The Alpha.

Unger is dragged through the woods by the Alpha, meeting his death by being thrown head first into a blazing trash barrel.

Later, in Co-Captain, we learn Unger and Reddick are the arsonists responsible for the Hale House Fire that killed most of the Hale Family.

Garrison Myers

Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 3 Pack Mentality Garrison Myers Hospital

Garrison Myers was one of the bus drivers at Beacon Hills High School. He was the focus of the Season 1 episode Pack Mentality in which Scott saw Myers die in a dream and thought himself responsible for the attack.

In reality, Myers was attacked by Peter Hale and died from his injuries later in the hospital. Right before he died, he apologized to Derek Hale.

According to Sheriff Stilinski, Myers was a former insurance investigator suspected of fraud in his investigation of the Hale House Fire.

John Curran portrayed Myers.

David Whittemore

David Whittemore Parent Conference Episode 5 Season 1 Teen Wolf

David Whittemore, Esq. is a lawyer and the adoptive father of Jackson Whittemore who first appeared in The Tell.

He had a greater presence in Season 2 where he reports Jackson missing and files a restraining order against Scott and Stiles. (Frenemy, Restraint)

In Raving, he helps Sheriff Stilinski identify a recent murder victim of the Kanima.

After the events of Season 2, Whittemore moved Jackson to London, England.

Robert Pralgo plays David Whittemore.

Season 2

Unnamed Omega Werewolf

Omega from Omega

In Omega, this unnamed Omega Werewolf came to Beacon Hills in search of "The Alpha."

He first appeared as a homeless man who accosted Jackson outside Beacon Hills High School. He was later hunted and captured by Chris Argent and fellows Hunters. He reveals that he broke in to an ambulance and slashed a body for food when it was dead just like he did in cemetery Isaac Lahey worked at. He is then killed, sliced in half, by Gerard as an example of his new "kill them all" philosophy.

Joe Knezevich appeared as the unnamed Omega.

2006 BHHS Swim Team

BHHS Swim Team 2006

Several members of the 2006 Beacon Hills High School Swim Team were killed by "Kanima Master" Matt Daehler.

Matt's motive stemmed from several team members' behavior during a celebratory pool party at Coach Lahey's House. (Read More)

Team Members Killed were -

  • "Bennett" the Hunter
  • Tucker Cornish (Mechanic)
  • Sean Long (man in camper)
  • Jessica Bartlett (woman in camper)
  • Kara Simmons (Rave organizer)


Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 11 Alpha Pact Danielle

Shantal Rhodes who won a contest to appear on the show as Danielle, a walk-on part.

Danielle first appears in Party Guessed at Lydia Martin's party where she dunks Stiles in a pool to sober him up.

She reappears in Season 3 as Heather's best friend in Chaos Rising where she counsels her friend on losing her virginity. In Alpha Pact, she watches Stiles and Lydia go through Ms. Morrell's. After hearing their discussion and seeing Lydia's drawing of the Nemeton, Danielle decides to allow them to take her counseling session with Morrell because she says they have "bigger problems."

Principal Thomas


Principal Thomas is the principal that the Hunters replaced in order for Gerard to take his place. Victoria Argent and her husband torture him into stepping down. (Shape Shifted)

In Tattoo, he returns after Gerard's defeat and questions why there was a broadsword in his office.

Principal Thomas was played by Teen Wolf executive producer and writer Christian Taylor.

Season 3


Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 2 Caitlin Custer Heather Wine Bottle Breaks

Heather is a childhood friend of Stiles who becomes the first of the Darach's sacrifices.

In Chaos Rising, she is throwing a birthday party where she attempts to lose her virginity with Stiles. While he goes to search for a condom, She is attacked by the dark druid and is snatched out through a window.

Authorities recover her body in Fireflies, and Melissa McCall explains to Stiles that Heather and another victim's death resulted from a series of injuries know as the Threefold Death. Stiles realizes that they were a sacrifice.

Caitlin Custer plays Heather.


Teen Wolf Season 3(b) Episode 18 Riddled Brandon Boyce as the Doctor

Probably the most frequently seen unnamed character in the show to date, Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital's primary doctor appeared in several key episodes.

The character lives in Hill Valley (a neighboring town named after the location in Back to the Future).

He was set to perform surgery on Isaac Lahey in Tattoo but found the boy's wounds miraculously healed.

Cora Hale was his patient until he evacuated the hospital in The Overlooked.

He operated on and was attacked by William Barrow in Galvanize and performed the MRI on Stiles in Riddled.

He is seen preparing to remove a bullet from Sheriff Stilinski in Perishable.

He appears in Meredith Walker's flashback where he leads group a discusses hers and Peter Hale's conditions. (Monstrous)

Brandon Boyce plays The Doctor.


Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 8 Visionary Marco

Marco was a Beta werewolf, part of Deucalion's pack.

In Visionary, during the meeting of the packs, he blames Ennis' naïve Beta for creating a problem by killing two hunters.

Once Gerard blinds Deucalion, Marco attempts to kill him and take his Alpha status. Deucalion kills him first. It is through Marco's death that Deucalion learns that Alphas can become stronger by killing their own Betas. His death marks Deucalion's first step toward forming The Alpha Pack.

Delon de Metz plays Marco.

Tara Graeme

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 8 Mieko Hillman Deputy Tara Graeme investigates

Tara Graeme was a Deputy Sheriff's Officer with the Beacon County Sheriff's Department. She assisted Sheriff Stilinski in his investigation of the murders in Season 3.

After finding a girl in the woods with Stilinski, she is skeptical of the girl's report of wolf-like creatures trying to kill her. (Fireflies)

She helps keep a crowd under control at another murder scene. (Unleashed)

She joins in on the search for Dr. Deaton after the Darach kidnaps him. (Currents)

Deputy Graeme fell victim to the killer in The Girl Who Knew Too Much. Targeted because of her past job as a teacher, she dies at school. She and Stiles were close; he says she used to help him with his homework.

Mieko Hillman plays Deputy Graeme. 


Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 19 Letharia Vulpina Jared returns

Jared is a walk-on role; fan Jeremiah Sutheim won the role as Shantal Rhodes did in Season 2.

The student gets carsick on a bus trip to a lacrosse game in Frayed. Coach tries to keep him from throwing up, but Stiles makes happen as a means to stop the bus to help Scott heal from the previous night.

He is also among the students who exit the bus at the Motel Glen Capri. (Motel California)

Jared accidentally carries a fake bomb onto the bus and is rescued by Deputy Parrish. (Letharia Vulpina)


Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 20 Echo House Geno Segers Kincaid

Kincaid served as a henchman for Katashi before his master died.

While in his service, Kincaid retrieved a Shugendō (修験道) scroll that explained one way to expel a Nogitsune from its host.

After Katashi's death, Kincaid attempted to retrieve the scroll to sell. He claims it's worth $3 million. (See Echo House)

Kincaid is a fierce fighter, easily defeating Scott, Allison and Kira then mocking Scott for his lack of Alpha "power." Ethan and Aiden, working together, stop him.

Geno Segers plays Kincaid.


Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 20 Echo House Oliver possessed

Oliver appeared as Stiles' roommate at Eichen House in Echo House.

Oliver showed Stiles around the hospital. He later helped Stiles and Malia steal Brunski's keys to get into the closed unit of Eichen House. 

Oliver is actually under the control of the Nogitsune. He kidnaps Stiles and Malia and threatens to drill into her head unless Stiles allows the spirit to take him.  

Nogitsune-possessed Stiles then knocks Oliver out with the drill.

He appears Malia's flashback in Memory Found.

Matt Shively played Oliver. He previously worked with fellow Teen Wolf actor, Gage Golightly on the Nickelodeon show The Troop.

Season 4

Sean Walcott

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 3 Muted Sean

Sean Walcott and his family were Wendigos who lived in Beacon Hills and kept their abilities secret. The Benefactor's Dead Pool lists the Walcott family with a $1 million bounty.

In Muted, an assassin known as The Mute killed the all of the Walcotts, except Sean who escapes through a bathroom window. 

The teen makes it to the hospital under Melissa McCall's care. Eventually, overwhelmed by hunger, Sean kills and eats a deputy and attacks Melissa. 

He and Scott battle on the hospital roof until the desperate wendigo throws Liam Dunbar over the side. Scott saves the teen while holding Sean back.

The Mute throws his tomahawk in Sean's back and kills him.

Lydia Martin and Jordan Parrish search his family's house and find human bodies in a hidden meat locker.

Glenn McCuen played Sean.

Doctor Geyer

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 8 Time of Death Liam's Dad fails to save Scott

Doctor Geyer is Liam Dunbar's step-dad. He attended Harvard Medical School and earned several degrees. He currently works at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital alongside Melissa McCall.

Muted marks his first appearance. It was Geyer who taught Liam how to play lacrosse. 

He later informs Melissa of Scott's "death" after he is unable to revive him. (Time of Death)

In Season 5, Geyer attempts to treat Corey for his "scorpion sting" but nothing works to ease his pain. (Condition Terminal)

He helps care for Sheriff Stilinski after a chimera attack. He suspects Melissa knows more about Beacon Hills weirdness than she admits.  (The Last Chimera)

Todd Williams portrays Doctor Geyer.

The Mute

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 3 Muted The Mute first look

The Mute is the first Benefactor assassin Scott's pack encounters.  

He looks mostly human but has only smooth skin from his nose to his chin. He is a trained military fighter and used tomahawks to hack up his victims and a wrist keyboard with a computer-generated voice to communicate.

In Muted, he kills the Walcotts, a family of Wendigos

The Mute attacks Peter Hale and warns him that Derek is next. He sets up a claymore mine at the school to kill Derek but is thwarted by Sheriff Stilinski. As he reads him his rights, Peter appears and slashes the assassin to death. (The Benefactor)

He appears as a hallucination in Scott's dream state where he informs him that he's evolving and encourages him to kill to save his friends. (Time of Death)

Joseph Gatt portrayed The Mute.

The Chemist

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 7 Weaponized The Chemist with gun

Simon A.K.A. The Chemist is an assassin who appeared in Weaponized. He created a weaponized variant of the canine distemper virus to infect and kill werewolves and other shapeshifters. He first used this virus on the werewolves of Satomi's pack which dwindled it significantly. (Orphaned)

He posed as the proctor for the PSAT at the high school to infect the students with an ink pad. Humans would get a rash and flu-like symptoms while the most deadly effects struck the shapeshifters. 

He threatens Stiles at gunpoint to learn the location of Scott, Kira, and Malia and confirm their deaths. Agent McCall then shoots him in the head.

James Urbaniak portrayed the Chemist. 

Deputy Haigh

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 9 Perishable Deputy Haigh

Deputy Haigh is a jailed former deputy for the Beacon Hills Sheriff's Department.

In 117, he accompanies Jordan Parrish to the Hale House to pick up a trespasser. Eventually, Haigh uses his Taser on the boy. At the station, he runs his fingerprints over and over, but it comes up as Derek Hale.

In Perishable, Haigh is revealed to have a copy of the Dead Pool. He attempts to burn Parrish to death in his car. Parrish returns, confronting Haigh as he tries to collect the bounty.

Braeden interrogates him and finds out a group of security guards plans to use a sonic weapon at the Lacrosse team party to incapacitate and kill Scott McCall, Liam Dunbar, and Malia Tate for The Benefactor reward.

Lou Ferrigno, Jr. son of actor Lou Ferrigno, plays Haigh.


Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 10 Monstrous laser site on Lori

Lori Rohr is Brett Talbot's younger sister who is also a member of Satomi's pack.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The fact that Lori and Brett have different last names is, as yet, unexplained.)

Like her brother, she too was on The Benefactor's dead pool list for $250,000. Rogue Hunters were chasing them until Kira Yukimura joined the fight. Lori and the rest of the pack take shelter in the old Argent Arms International building and participate in a final stand against their attackers. (Monstrous)

She and Brett help Scott's pack in tracking The Beast. She apparently speaks Japanese and was able to hold her own in a fight with an out-of-control Kira. (A Credible Threat)

She is watching a lacrosse game with Sydney when the Ghost Riders show up and begin taking people. (Relics)

Lily Bleu Andrew (the daughter of Tim Andrew and Claire Bryétt Andrew's sister) plays Lori.

Ms. Flemming


Ms. Flemming is a Math teacher at Beacon Hills High who Malia doesn't like because her constant reminder of her grades being poor. (Muted, Superposition)

As Malia leaves class to help Derek, Ms. Flemming asks if it is an emergency. (Orphaned)

She gets suspicious when Scott and Stiles are both sick on the same day and comments that Lydia Martin wasn’t in class either. Theo says she won’t be back for a while due to medical issues. (Codominance)

She is played by Rahnuma Panthaky.

Season 5


Teen Wolf News new creature glowing goo

Belasko was a chimera created by the Dread Doctors with glowing Garuda claws that could siphon power from supernatural creatures.

Jordan Parrish first encounters him where the creature recognizes him as "something." Eventually, he finds Scott and attempts to steal his Alpha status and power. However, Scott overpowers him and removes his talons. Scott lets him go, but the Doctors see him as a failed experiment and kill him after which His chest split open and several crows flew out. (Creatures of the Night)

After his death, his claws were recovered by The Desert Wolf which Theo Raeken intended to use on the Beast of Gevaudan. However, Deucalion tricked him into not using them. Malia Tate would later use them on her mother during their final battle. (The Sword and the Spirit, Lie Ability, Apotheosis)

Belasko was played by Gabriel Hogan, the son of Michael Hogan.

Mrs. Finch

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 3 Dreamcatcher Ms Finch AP Biology

Mrs. Finch teaches Advance Placement Biology at Beacon Hills High School.

She explains to students that her class will be challenging and asks Scott what college he wants to attend. (Parasomnia)

She seems proud of Scott's performance on her DNA & RNA structure test. (Dreamcatchers)

Mrs. Finch talks about chimeras and nucleotides just as Scott if figuring out how Tracey seems to be both wolf and Kanima. (Condition Terminal)

Mrs. Finch lectures about invasive species in AP Biology. She uses the real-world example of the Cane Toad in Australia. (Required Reading)

She explains that codominance is “A relationship among alleles where both alleles contribute to the phenotype of the heterozygote.” (Codominance)

She is sough out by Scott, whom requires her assistance in figuring out what could cause a glass window to turn blue. She explains that the chemicals in a muzzle flash from a gun could include copper, barium, cesium, chemicals which can burn blue and green. (Memory Lost)

As she is teaching a class, Mrs. Finch is perplexed by Lydia and Scott leaving class and asks the class if they know that class is not optional. (Radio Silence)

Actor Michelle Clunie plays Mrs. Finch.

Mr. Stewart

Mr. Stewart at Sheriff Station Salvator Xuereb Episode 3 Season 5 Teen Wolf Dreamcatchers

Mr. Stewart was Tracy Stewart's father and a defense attorney in Beacon Hills. He represented Donovan Donati.

He frets over his daughter's nightmares and nails the skylight in her bedroom closed before leaving her alone in the house as he returns to work. (Parasomnia)

After arriving at the sheriff's station, attorney Stewart informs Donovan of the DA's current offer. While in the transport van, he is attacked and killed by his daughter. (Dreamcatchers)

Actor Salvator Xuereb plays Mr. Stewart.


Teen Wolf Season 5 Schrader
Schrader is an orderly at Eichen House and later a henchmen for Dr. Valack.

Schrader prepares to give Lydia Martin an injection and appears to take pleasure in stabbing her with the syringe until she releases a powerful scream pushing him back against the wall. (Creatures of the Night, The Sword and the Spirit)

He allows Scott and his friends into Eichen and later hides when the Dread Doctors appear. (A Novel Approach)

He remarks to Valack on how pretty she is until the doctor reminds him that she could easily kill him if someone taught her to use her actual power. (The Last Chimera)

He and Nurse Cross tend to her after they hear her scream even though she's supposed to be comatose. (Codominance)

He is attacked by Theo's pack after they break into the hospital. (Amplification)

Clayton Fronning portrays the orderly.

Nurse Cross

Teen Wolf Season 5 Nurse Cross

Nurse Cross was an employee in the closed unit of Eichen House and a henchman of Dr. Valack.

She believes Lydia to be faking her vegetative state and taunts her. Later she orders Schrader to give her a high dose of medicine that would indeed make her comatose. (Creatures of the Night)

Cross continues her cruel taunts at Lydia saying that someone as "dangerous" as her could be locked up forever. (Damnatio Memoriae)

She assists Schrader in checking on Lydia when they think they heard her scream. (Codominance)

As Stiles finishes his visit, she prepares Lydia for her shower. (The Sword and the Spirit)

She goes with Valack to an old room beneath Eichen House where he places a Dread Doctor mask on her head. She thrashes about and screams in pain until she lies motionless on the floor. (Amplification)

Lydia sees her body in a Plexiglas cell within the old room. Valack says she wasn't strong enough to handle the mask. (Lie Ability)

Mandy Levin portrayed Nurse Cross.


Lucas Werewolf Scorpion Chimera Condition Terminal Season 5 Episode 4

Lucas was Corey's ex-boyfriend and a chimera due to the Dread Doctors. He was a Scorpion hybrid with spines that produced venom.

According to Corey, Lucas was usually shy and reserved but suddenly changed and became overconfident and aggressive. He stabs Corey which gave him intense pain. Later, he goes to a dance club and flirts with Mason Hewitt. Before he can cause him harm, Lucas is stopped by Scott, Kira, Brett Talbot, and Liam. After being beaten by the pack, the Doctors kill him. (Condition Terminal)

His body is later taken to the Nemeton by Jordan Parrish and remained there until it was recovered by the police. (Lies of Omission, Status Asthmaticus, The Last Chimera)

Lucas was played by Eddie Ramos.

Noah Patrick

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 11 The Last Chimera Noah oozing Mercury

Noah Patrick was a sophomore at Beacon Hills High and a product of the Dread Doctors with Berserker traits such as a sharp, bone spikes that came out of his arms.

He is seen eating bags of blood plasma and then attacks Malia. He is chased away by Braeden. (Status Asthmaticus)

Noah attacked Sheriff Stilinski and left a piece of his bone marrow inside which nearly killed him. He is on the run from the Doctors as he is a failed experiment. Stiles questions him on what happen to his dad but Noah has no memory. After he escapes, Noah dies at the hands of the Dread Doctors. (The Last Chimera)

He was played by Jordan Fisher.

Tara Raeken


Tara is the older sister of Theo whom he killed by pushing her into a creek where she died of hypothermia after breaking her leg. He called out to her brother for help, but he just stood and watched. (Strange Frequencies)

Theo described her as smart and always looked out for her brother.

Lydia Martin discovered that he did it to take her heart so that the Dread Doctors could make him a natural chimera. (The Last Chimera)

After Sebastien Valet is defeated, Kira Yukimura uses her sword to open the earth and Tara appears to drag Theo back with her. (Apotheosis)

She appears as a ghost to Theo where he relives Tara mercilessly ripping her heart out of her brother's chest. (Heartless)

Theo briefly remembers his experience when he enters the hospital. (Memory Found)

She is played by Makenna James in Season 5 while in Season 6, she is played by Shelby Steel.

Season 6



Nathan Pierce is a student at Beacon Hills High School, as well as a player on the lacrosse team. He has his eye on the position for captain.

Nathan and Malia Tate have sex. Afterwards, he attempts to spoon. He assumes the position as big spoon. However, Malia is uncomfortable with the position, flipping him over as she takes over as big spoon. Noticing a gym bag containing chains and manacles only made the situation more uncomfortable. (Superposition)

He confronts Liam Dunbar for stealing his party. He slams Liam against the wall, wondering if he plans on taking his spot as captain too. Liam insists that he didn't expect him to be so angry. Nathan asks how was he suppose to take it and Mason says in hundreds, handing Nathan a wad of cash. (Sundowning)

He is taken to a bunker with other people from the party for protection by Malia and Chris Argent. He attempts to escape the bunker but is taken by the Ghost Riders and unknowingly allows them to take the others. (Relics)

He is played by Ross Butler.


Alisha-Boe-Gwen-locker room-Teen-Wolf-Season-6-Episode-3-Sundowning

Gwen is a member of the lacrosse team who becomes a target of the Ghost Riders.

Her sister, Phoebe, is taken and is distraught when no one remembers her. The only thing she has left of her is a bracelet she wove for her. When Hayden tells her of the Ghost Riders, Gwen doesn't believe her until she sees a Ghost Rider at a party. (Sundowning)

After the incident at the party, she still refuses help. Hayden realizes that Gwen wants to be taken as she feels it wouldn't matter if she disappeared. When the Riders arrive, Gwen is being protected by Scott and Liam but allows the Riders to take her and she vanishes. (Relics)

The Riders bring her to the train station where Stiles and others are being held and is reunited with her sister. (Radio Silence)

She is played by Alisha Boe.

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