Editor’s Note: This article concerns itself with Mistletoe appearing in the MTV series Teen Wolf ONLY. Click here for information on real world Mistletoe.

Mistletoe is a parasitic plant originally referred to the species in the order of Santalales.

The plant plays an important role in Druid mythology's culture and rituals.

Real World MythologyEdit

In Norse mythology, the god, Loki, tricks the blind god Hodur into murdering Balder, son of Frigg, with an arrow made of mistletoe. The only plant to which Balder was vulnerable. Some versions of the story have mistletoe becoming a symbol of peace and friendship to compensate for its part in the murder.

Mistletoe continued to be associated with fertility and vitality through the Middle Ages.

In most Western cultures, mistletoe is hung as a Christmas decoration. The custom of kissing under the plant originated in 18th century England as a gesture of good luck.

Teen Wolf MythologyEdit

Within the mythology of MTV’s Teen Wolf, mistletoe is mainly used by Druids.

Jennifer Blake refers to the story of Balder as the source of the Druid's connection to mistletoe stating that people kiss under it so no one would overlook the plant as Frigg did.

It is a poison that affects humans and werewolves. Both Danny and Cora Hale are poisoned by Jennifer during the course of Season 3.

Other UsesEdit

Scott McCall uses the plant in a powdered form to reveal to Derek Hale what Jennifer really looks like. (The Overlooked)

Dr. Deaton uses the plant in tubs of ice water for a ritual to help Scott, Allison and Stiles find the Nemeton. (Alpha Pact)

In Season 5, Deaton uses a liquefied mistletoe paste to seal the hole in Lydia Martin's head caused by Dr. Valack. (Lie Ability)